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Reckoning V 2008

19 November 2007 - 04:25 PM

Time to start planning the 2008's first event. Let's agree on a date.

Name: Reckoning V

Hosts: LCM

Date: Saturday, January 12

Where: Mill Creek Park (Ocean County, New Jersey)

Time: 10:00 AM to about 4:00 PM

Directions: From the Garden State Parkway Southbound:

* Take Exit 80 towards Route 9 and Beachwood.
* On the exit ramp, stay to the right, and you will be on Route 9.
* After getting off the ramp, you will drive back under the Parkway and bear to the right.
* Follow RT. 9 until you reach a 3 way intersection with Route 166, bear right as you go through the yield to stay on Rt. 9
* Follow Rt. 9 for a few miles, until you reach a traffic light at Ocean Gate Drive.
* Take the jug handle to make a left onto Ocean Gate Drive.
* After 100 feet, make a left onto Mill Creek Road.
* Follow Mill Creek Road to the end, where it will intersect Chelsea Ave
* Turn Left onto Chelsea, and the Park is a couple hundred feet ahead on your right.

What to bring: Proper clothing - it should be cold but you will feel warmer the more we play. You are welcome to bring your own food but most will probably be leaving the field for food. Not a bad idea considering how cool it could be in early January. My advice is to go with a thermos full of something yummy or to hit up somewhere close.

2008 Nerf War Schedule

14 November 2007 - 12:26 AM

Since the 2007 East Coast Schedule was so successful in helping us fill in our calendar gaps, 2008 looks like it will require the same. The format is simple "Month: (Date) Event name (State)". 2007 included 18 major East Coast events. Use this page frequently for updates and information. Consider it a directory of relevant links:

+(12th) Reckoning VI 2008 (NJ)
+(19th) University of Maryland War (MD)

+(9th) YANO (CA)

+(15th) MNSBW (MN)
+(22nd) ECNO (PA)
+(22nd) YANO (CA)
+(29th) Spring Ohio War (OH)

+(5th) NANO (CA)
+(12th) MANO (MA)
+(12th) Ubcon XIX (NY)
+(12th) PCNO (SC)
+(20th) NJNO (NJ)

+(3rd) MNNO (MN)
+(10th) NUVO (Canada)
+(10th) Nerf-A-Palooza (NY)
+(24th) Summer DCNO (MD)
+(26th) CAFF (CA)
+(31st) LCM Summer Tune-Up (NJ)

+(14th) NANO (CA)
+(14th) Local Augusta War (GA)
+(15th) FNO (FL)
+(21st) Summer Ohio War (OH)
+(28th) SPANO (MN)
+(28th) YANO (CA)
+(29th) GCNO (OH)

+(12th) Armageddon (CA)
+(19th) BFNY II (NY)
+(26th)Summer SENO (GA)

+(2nd) Apocalypse (NJ)
+(16th) NJwar (NJ)
+(31st) Last Minute Nj War (NJ)

+(20th) Fall CAFF '08 (CA)
+(27th) Fall DCNO (MD)
+(27th) Fall MNNO (MN)

+(4th) GCNO, Take 2
+(25th) Hell Before Halloween (Canada)
+(25th) Fall Ohio War (OH)
+(25th) EGNO, Elk Grove Nerf Off (CA)

+(8th) Veteran's Selection (PA)
+(8th) BAGSFEST 1 (CA)
+(29th) Thanksgiving War at the Shore (NJ)

+(6th) Holiday LANO '08 (CA)
+(6th) CDNOW (NY)
+(13th)Winter SENO (GA)

Sept. 30 Battle For New York

15 September 2007 - 10:55 AM

Date: Sunday, September 30
Location: Saxon Woods Park, Westchester County, New York.
Start Time: 10:00 AM





- Bring lunch. Because of the field, we will be a hike away from anything worthwhile. A trip out to lunch would put a huge dent in our day. Bring your own.
- Bug spray. We're playing in the woods. And the weather is still uncertain. Bring spray.
- Wear long pants. Poison ivy and ticks are the respective state plant and animal of the New York Nerf scene.


Attendance: 18-24 (as of 9/19):

-Team Nightshift (13)
-D. Shrimp
-Keef (3-4)

- Vacc
- l337
- Shadowkid33

Late September Nj War

24 August 2007 - 12:17 PM

Date: September 30
Location: Saxon Woods Park, Westchester County, New York.
Start Time: 10:00 AM

First Post: Does a late September NJ war jiggle anyone's nuts enough that they would be available to attend? I was thinking we could do a war at DarkShrimp's field in Hunterdon or in Bergen County. I would like to schedule it for a Sunday because otherwise I can't be certain to come. Thoughts?

Edit: Its kind of nice to not count on 50 people showing up and having to thoroughly plan out the day.

Apoc Reaction

04 August 2007 - 06:02 PM

It's hard to express how disappointed the people who didn't make it should feel. This was the single greatest achievement the LCM has ever had - which is a shame because the LCM only had 6 members at a 45 person event. I want to say thanks to Shindig, he did such a great job and I thought he and I did well hosting and dealing with all 45 people. I want to thank everyone who came; you were all respectful, helpful, and you all put forth at the very least solid efforts today. In my opinion, this was the best event we've ever hosted and the best event I've ever been to.

I woke up today and wondered if 45 people was a mistake. I left at 5:00 PM today unable to get over how great this war was. For me it was the best combination of fun and performance I've ever had. The rounds were all very good and even though the last round was a marathon, it was memorable and I thought enjoyable enough. It's wars like these that remind me of why this hobby is so rewarding.

Thanks all.


Civil War round - our second attempt was more balanced and seeing 20+ people charge 20+ people was something I've always wanted to see.

Dodging all day - not to be humble, but Apoc 07 saw my best, most consistently dramatic acrobatics.

Leaving Gunslinger Heaven after doing a successful baseball slide dodge - my knee swelled up on the trip home. All I remember about it was Hersh being the first to console me and offer a piggy-back ride.

Meeting the Canadians - you all did considerably well and were great guys to have around.

Pulling up my pants in rounds 1-8 - I must have lost weight or the falling shorts must have made me better by lowering my center of gravity. Half of the video(s) shot today include me hiking up my pants and shooting with my free hand.

Making teams without any issues or real discussion - this was my biggest worry I had prior to our first round.

Sunburn - my face is now equally red all around.

Winning the first ever Great American GoreFest - at the best and 6th Apoc, it was only fitting that it came down to two LCMers.

Aching from top to bottom by round 8 - the competition was more than welcome.