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Welcome to Nerf Engineering

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- 02-25-14 18:57 - 27 comments

btrettel's Nerf blog was my blog about engineering Nerf guns. There I discussed various aspects of Nerf gun design with a particular focus on theoretical and experimental analysis. The goal was better Nerf guns.

Now it's a column titled Nerf Engineering in the articles section here at NerfHaven. The focus and goal are the same, but the audience is much larger. Despite that, I will make no attempt to dumb down the content. I write for someone in college or older. Some background in calculus will be required for some posts.

Expect a post every week or two. I have a large backlog of topics I've already analyzed, but have not written about in usable form. You can post requests here, in this thread, for now.

All posts here will potentially be updated after their original posting. The date of last update will be listed at the bottom of the post.
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Downtime and Maintenance

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- 02-25-14 11:45 - 1 comments

Over the next few days the site will be experiencing some down time and outages while we perform routine maintenance, mostly in the early morning and late evening hours (EST). Feel free to check in at for updates if the site appears to be down.
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Happy holidays

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- 12-25-13 19:32 - 6 comments

All of the NerfHaven staff wish our visitors a happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and Nerf On.
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Front Page Update: Supplemental

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- 08-06-13 09:33 - 2 comments

There probably won't be another full-length Front Page Update until late August, so to hold everyone over until then, here is a quick update from the nerf war schedule. Don't forget to post in the 2014 Nerf War Schedule if you want to get your war on the front page. Enjoy your cover image of Muttonchops trying to look threatening whilst brandishing the Rapidstrike Hasbro sent us.

Attached Image: monthly_08_2013/post-112956-0-62306000-1375809873.jpg

Upcoming Wars
[MN] August 10th Augsational 2013
[WI] August 11th M.A.N.O. Summer Series 6/7
[MI] August 18th M.a.a.N! 1
[TX] August 24th HAMNO 2.8
[PA] August 24th SoCen PA Battle
[WI] August 24th Duk Da Funk Down 4
[WA] August 25th WANO II
[MN] September 21st MAW - Minnesota AFoN War

Featured Trading Threads
Official Nerfhaven Team Color Bandannas
MHA Dartsmithing Kits

Featured Article of the Week
Beaver's General Reference Thread for Building Home Made Nerf Guns - This is a great place to start if you want an overview of diy nerf blasters.
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Front Page Update: July

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- 07-16-13 19:38 - 8 comments

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Upcoming Nerf Wars:
[UT] July 19th S.L.A.N.G. Salt Lake Area Nerf Geeks
[MN] July 19th Urban Nerf Assault Indoor War
[IL] July 20th Cataclysm 4
[TX] July 20th HAMNO 2.7.2
[OH] July 20th Bowling Green War
[GA] July 20th NoMNE 3.0
[CA] July 21st Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies
[WI] July 27th NUCLEAR WAR
[NJ] July 27th Apoc PreWar
[WI] June 28th M.A.N.O. Summer Series 5/7
[NJ] August 3rd Apocalypse 2012
[WA] August 4th WANO I
[MN] August 10th Augsational 2013
[CA] June 21st 2014 Armageddon
To get your war posted on the main page, submit your planning thread to the 2014 Nerf War Schedule.

The 2013 New Releases Mod Contest results are in! Congratulations to the winners. Stay tuned for the next NH contest, which will be a competition to write the best homemade writeup for new nerfers.
1st Place: A side of nerf's Roughcut Mod ('4x4' integration)
2nd Place: snakerbot's Diatron Mod (lock removal, spring retensioning, ergonomic improvemens)
3rd Place: Jeo's Elite Alpha Trooper Mod (spring and 'supporting mods')

Featured Sales Threads
MHA Dartsmithing Kits - Red foam and other dart materials sold by Kane.
If you would like your trading thread featured on the main page, see the Featured Sales Threads FAQ and PM Ice Nine or myself.

Click here to read more, including:Last Month on NerfHaven, Nerf Facts, and a Discussion Topic...
Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with front page updates and announcements.
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