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Hasbro's Homemades - A look at prototypes from the Nerf design tea

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- 08-06-15 17:51 - 8 comments

Today I got to visit Hasbro's headquarters in Rhode Island, and see their facilities. Here are some photos and notes from my visit.

First off, a nerf logo made out of hundreds of megas, streamlines, and elite darts.
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2015 Mod Contest

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- 05-08-15 07:19 - 17 comments

The 2015 Nerf Blaster Modification Writeup Contest
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We're hosting a contest to find the best how-to guide for modifying the current line of Nerf, Boomco, and Buzzbee blasters. In order to promote the modification of foam dart blasters and encourage our members to share information with new nerfers, we'll be awarding prizes to the best overall writeup, the best flywheel blaster writeup, and the best spring-powered blaster writeup.
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Announcing NH Homemade Contest Winners

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- 05-03-15 17:38 - 1 comments

Announcing the winners of the "Noob's First Homemade" Design Contest

Attached Image: monthly_05_2015/post-112956-0-56715100-1430703518.jpg

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the NH Homemade Writeup Contest. Your contributions to the site and your patience in waiting for the results are deeply appreciated.

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NERF MEGA RotoFury Blaster

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- 01-19-15 11:18 - 16 comments

I occasionally get some pre-release info directly from Hasbro's marketing team. The following is such an update.


Image and Information Under Embargo until 1/19/15

RotoFury- UNDER EMBARGO (1.19)(1).jpg
Posted Image

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Fall 2015)
Supersize your NERF battles and dominate the field with the highest capacity MEGA blaster ever! The MEGA RotoFury blaster gives you the option of firing one MEGA Whistler Dart at a time, or slam firing a steady stream of ten darts in a row. Hear the darts whistle as they fly through the air and hit targets up to 90 feet away. Includes 10 MEGA Whistler Darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

I don't have any further information about the blaster, and I absolutely can't speculate about mod potential or the internal workings of the blaster. but if you have a question that could be asked of the marketing team (read: Not the designers or engineers) I might be able to pass it along.
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Front Page Update: Mid-Summer

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- 07-19-14 06:59 - 14 comments

In memory of Kyle "Gears" Ripley. September 18, 1990 - August 1st, 2014
Sleep peacefully old wanderer.

Upcoming Nerf Wars:
July 19th, New Haven CT NENO 8
July 19th, Murray UT S.L.A.N.G. Salt Lake Area Nerf Geeks
July 20th, West Allis WI MANO
July 25th, Austin TX Nerf Night
July 26th, Fayetteville GA NoMNE 4.0
July 26th, Bloomington IL Mayhem 3.5
August 2nd, Oakhurst NJ Apocalypse 2014 <<< Biggest Annual East Coast Summer War
September 13th, Cincinnati OH Ohio Revolution II: Redcoats Revenge
To get your war posted on the main page, submit your planning thread to the 2015 Nerf War Schedule.

We've had several more entries in our quest to find the perfect homemade nerf gun design for n00bs. Links to all the updates after the break below.
We've extended the deadline for updates and submissions. You now have until Monday the 21st of July to submit a write-up to the submission thread, and you have until August 4th to update and improve your guide.

Featured Trading Threads
MHA Dartsmithing Kits
Mostly Harmless Arms Blaster Sales
Snickers' 3D Printing Services

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