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In Topic: singled LS air seal test

19 December 2014 - 09:01 AM

I was wondering what the best way to test the air seal on a singled LS is?

Prime the blaster,plug the front of the barrel with your finger,and fire. If you can hear the air escaping, it's not a 100% seal.

In Topic: Modified Sharpfire[And Guide]

19 December 2014 - 08:56 AM

So we are agreed then, if you happen to be loading a dart and the catch fails, you WILL be injured.

Well,I never mentioned that it wouldn't, if the catch fails. But that's what locks are for-to protect the user. If the user wants to remove it,he can.If he doesn't,then don't. :)

In Topic: Modified Sharpfire[And Guide]

16 December 2014 - 07:18 AM

XCS2 question:Breech loader.But you can load it from the front too.

Draconis question: Yes this breech loads. But the space is too small so you'd need to manually push the dart into barrel a little.Removing the trigger lock has its ups and downs.It allows you to deprime the blaster(Which is helpful since this blater is modded).But at the same time,might slam the breech forward if you accidentally pull the trigger when its half primed.

In Topic: Modified Sharpfire[And Guide]

16 December 2014 - 07:17 AM

Looks awesome, great write-up.

I have a few questions;

What are the ranges like in stock form as well as modded?

How does that freaky holster/stock/freakytwistofplastic work? Is it functional or just a gimmick?

And lastly, how can you bee so cruel as to tease us like this?

Q1)Definitely better.I'd say probably more or less the same as a spring replaced Retaliator. But I have yet to bring this for a test So I can't confirm.
Q2)You can watch a demo here,by another Singaporean Nerfer.Skip to 2:10 where he draws the blaster out of the holster.It works only if you place the holster super tight onto your pants/belt.
Q3)Cause I can! :P

In Topic: Nerf Modifications Directory

16 December 2014 - 07:08 AM

Sharpfire Modguide
AR Removal,Spring Replacement,Extra Spring Compression, Brassed barrel etc.