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General Reference thread for Homemade Blasters

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Posted 10 May 2012 - 03:10 PM

General Reference thread for Homemade Blasters
This is a list of useful links for new and experienced members to the site. If you are interested in building a homemade nerf blaster, you should read through all of these!

So You Want To Make A Homemade?
A guide to conceptualizing, planning and building a blaster. Brought to you by one of the community's greatest creative engines.

Picture thread for homemade blasters
This gargantuan thread showcases a sizeable chunk of all the homemades blasters ever created. If you build a blaster, be sure to post pictures of it here!

Homemade blaster directory
A list of detailed writeups for many types of homemade blasters. New builders should spend a lot of time reading through these writeups, to learn the tricks of the trade.

Getting started with air guns
A short guide about air guns that is full of links to more information.

A short list of Important, Influential and Awesome homemade blasters
If you have never seen a homemade nerf blaster before, check these out.

Fast-Action Rifle (FAR) - Boltsniper

+bow - Captain Slug

SNAP - Carbon

Snapbow - Rork

Pump-action crossbow - Ryan and Kane

Guru Mk3 - Captain Slug

Rainbow - Stark, Beaver and Atomatron

The Mad Ghost - 3DBBQ

Miscellaneous resources

McMaster-Carr Parts List
A directory of commonly used parts from the industrial supplier McMaster-Carr.

Barrel Material Guide
Useful info about various common barrel materials

Spring Database
The physical characteristics of many types of springs used in Nerf blasters are listed in this database.

General info about airguns
The risks and rewards of airguns - read this if you're thinking of building one.

Beginner's Guide To Machining Plastics
For those of you who need to manipulate plastics.

Intro To Solvent Welding Plastic
A guide to the various methods of welding plastics.

Plastic Safe Lubricants
Captain Slug knows all about lubricants.

Rainbow Catch
A common type of catch used in homemade blasters.

Clothespin Trigger

A common type of catch used in homemade blasters (it is the defining characteristic of SNAPs).

Superlative SNAP Plunger Head
The main type of plunger head designs used in SNAP blasters.

Preeminent Plunger Head
Another type of plunger head design used in SNAP blasters.

If you have any suggestions for links or topics to add, send me a PM.

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