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Mano 1.5 - Battle For Milwaukee

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Posted 22 March 2010 - 06:05 PM

Best NIC war I've been to, ever. The main factors that make it so fun were boundaries, and cover. None of the NIC wars I've been to have had anything better than a 1.5' diameter tree to hide behind, and the pines were key.

So, in summary,

+Good cover and terrain
+First combat test of a MegaHAMP
+Cold, wet, weather seems to have hurt the super-powerful guns more than the stock-esque, which balanced things out a great deal.
+My hopper-HAMP was somehow excluded from the above.
+Chillaxed atmosphere, no one seemed to take nerf too seriously
+Got to try out my hoppered-HAMP, and it was full of win and awesome
+Got to try out my ball and chain, and it was full of... well, not win, but definitely awesome
+No one else was using taggers, so my ammo recovery was good.
+BATS was handy when I wanted to conserve slugs and go easy on the new guys.
+LOTS of targets (Mwahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!)
+Streamlines out of my raider-HAMP swirled hilariously
+As carbon said, duct tape was out in force. I'm a fan.

-People were often confused about rules, myself included.
-I forgot to go all town crier at the start, I could have lent out a bunch of hoppers to make people's singled big blasts more effective.
-Hella cramped up/sore BEFORE the war started, which slowed me down.
-Should have had more warfare in the trees
-For some reason, the first MEGAHAMP assault round ended when I touched the flag, despite the consensus that I'd been hit several times before touching it.
-I still think barrel tapping is retarded, that's what foam melee weapons are for.
-Not enough darts/car space to bring the Compensator
-I only once lent out a gun, so I didn't really get to show off my sweet HAMPs. Partly a matter of car space, at local wars I bring more of them.

Overall, although the -s compete numerically, the +s were overwhelming.
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Posted 22 March 2010 - 07:15 PM

-I still think barrel tapping is retarded, that's what foam melee weapons are for.

One thing I think we didn't clarify was how barrel taps actually work.

What a barrel tap requires: loaded, primed barrel
What a barrel tap is: a combination of "mercy" and "humiliation" kills where you tap them rather than shoot them point blank. It is basically in large wooded areas where you can sneak up on people and is a bit like killing someone with a knife in counterstrike. You get one barrel tap per loaded, primed barrel as you're "firing" the barrel without actually causing them tons of pain.

What a barrel tap is not: pretending you have a gunsword

And as to the gunsword question, I think they're stupid, and someone with a ranged blaster shouldn't also get an infinite use rush attack. Otherwise, I'm going to start turning my hoppers into bayonets.
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