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In Topic: Big Blast Smtdg Integration

29 May 2008 - 05:28 PM

You're going for something wonderful, and as mentioned Kbarker did it earlier. And there are some fairly simple things you can do to make it smaller and a bit less of a cumbersome eyesore,

The body parts you left of the SMDTG can be taken off and you'll be left with the pump, the tank and the barrels, which can then be attached to the body. If you really feel like using tape and hot glue this would be much less likely to break. I advise you to hold off on the epoxy until you're completely sure you've got the gun how you want.

Kbarker on the other hand mounted the SMDTGs into the body of his gun, making them safe from snags and falling off and what not. His thread is here. I would take a look, it will make your gun much better looking and much more efficient...even if it will take longer to do.

Good luck!

In Topic: Ballzooka Ammo Question

29 May 2008 - 05:14 PM

yeah, they're just a different color.

even better is to go buy practice foam golf balls from a superstore or a sporting good store, you'll get more and they'll be cheaper.

In Topic: On A Personal Note...

27 May 2008 - 12:40 PM

Lulz @ Shrimp.

Noob, I was worried about you at the start, but it looks like you're straightening up. Just remember to keep your head low, only post when have something truly important to say and be sure to proof read what you write.

On these boards post counts don't really matter, you will gain more respect with insightful information, asking appropriate questions in the right places, knowing when those questions should be pm's and not posted in threads and with time.

If you look at FA24, Captain and OfAllTheNerf they only have semi large post counts because they've contributed a lot, speak only when needed, and they've all been here a decent amount of time. I would take a note from any of them, as well as the way the mods act.


Hopefully you turn out pretty awesome and avoid the 9999 specials of Piney, OMC, Vacc and the crew.

In Topic: Titan Rifle

26 April 2008 - 05:07 PM

I call shenanigans.

From what I know of modifications and barrel material and dart material, there's no way in hell you're getting 250.



FA24 said in another thread that he's seen a titan break 200 before.

But that titan had a brass barrel and was shooting 7/0 weighted stefans I believe.

Are you shooting level?

Where's badger and his measurement standards when I need him....

In Topic: Yes, Another Noob With Nf Problems

15 March 2008 - 09:52 AM

And the winner is..... Jwasko

Edit Wait! I have an idea! Keks: try taking off some of the electrical tape. I have had the problem of having too much friction between the plunger and plunger tube.

It appears I had to much e-tape under my O-ring. I took it off completely, and I was immediately hitting approx. 25 ft, and it was hitting the wall at about nipple level.

Thanks for all the help guys!

Piney: I really appreciated your post, it's nice to see someone I respected on the boards chime in when I'm in need =].

Frost: Same thing. I'll be sure to watch out for the craft foam problems.

Retiate: Actually, I've check my plunger+barrel seal and I've found that the hot glue worked fine, I made sure to score the barrel and the part it's attached to before using the glue. With that in mind, I'm probably going to take your advice with my next NF and use some Goop, only reason I didn't yesterday was I didn't want to wait for it to cure.

Thanks everyone! Hopefully I'll post a write-up or a picture or my next couple projects!