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Comox B.c. Nerf War

03 January 2011 - 01:12 AM

Note: 95% of this was done on the canada nerf forums, link below.


When febuary 5th

Glacier View Learning Centre
241 Beecher Drive
Courtenay, BC V9N 3Y4



-Safety Glasses.

- Blasters: However, we reserve the right to shoot you with any of your own blasters. You may also ask to shoot us with one of ours.

- Objectives: flags, balls, etc.

- Large ammo: balls, missiles, rockets

- Water

- Loose but warm clothing

-Items and Money to trade


-Darts! I will be selling them at the war a 10$ for 100


-Slingshot,fishing and tagger darts


-SINGLED Titans.

- plugged AND singled BBBB / LBB's + Signal launchers.

-anything the U3 has made/touched


-Goldie+ a few
-N1NJA will be my spare set of eyes and ears. What he says goes.
-zango (also know as UGH on here or the guy that VACC bid 15$ on his dick)

Magstrike Holdster Thing

11 December 2010 - 02:20 AM

Ahh the magstrike not used much now but 7-8 years ago its daddy the powerclip was used a lot and still used a bit by a few old timers. But one thing still bugs use all after all these years, ”how the heck do you use it?” to big to be a side arm and to poor ranges to be your main.

I do however use one as seen here at L.A.N.G.

No i`m not stoned….drunk yes, stoned no.

Posted Image

I made a holder-type-thing ya…

Here`s how to make your own.

Take your ms.

Posted Image

See this piece?

Posted Image

Take it off!

Drill it!

Posted Image

Take some ribbon (or string).

Tie a key ring to it….

….put it in the hole….

Posted Image

…One more key ring…
Posted Image


You may be thinking to your self “what the fuck is the point of this?”

Well you know the things the pre-teen girls have on there necks with the little e-pets?

Put one of the on it.

Posted Image

Very fucking pointless but whatever.

High-5`s or flames?