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05 January 2004 - 04:50 PM

Well, as much of you know... I have had a rough time here. I brought it upon myself. So, I will do this for myself.

I would like to apologize to some people.

Ares - You made me lose my head, I guess I was looking for a reason to post. I'm sorry that I wasted your time.

IronRhino - You have a short temper. You insulted me, and I got my back up. I shouldn't have cared what you thought about me. I'm sorry for the hateful words I said to you.

Rawray7 - You are a vet I guess. I pissed you off in more ways than one, in more instances than one. I apologize for your wasted time reading my posts.

Famine - You hate me. I don't hate you. I'm sorry for ever posting in that topic that set you off. I'm sorry.

GrOOvE - I was an asshole in my early days, making your life hard. I never backed down to you when I was beat. I apologize.

Superintendant - I've flamed you alot... I and shouldn't have bothered. You have more respect here than me.

Everyone else that I've angered, flamed or badgered - I feel bad now that I look back at it. I was a bitch, with something stuck up my ass. I flamed needlessly, argued, and bitched about you all. I never took at step back and looked at myself. I have been the opposite of what everyone else is. I made this forum into something some people are ashamed of... and I've given Canada a bad name.

I apologize for never contributing anything to this site or forum. I wasted my time here, I wasted yours. I never had the potential to contribute, and I'm sorry for it all. The only thing I had potential for, was being the troll that I am.

I apologize lastly, to Cxwq - You letting me join this forum was most likely I bad idea. I gave this place a bad name, I am the only troll here. I've made you waste time posting to shut me up. You shouldn't have to do that. I made you waste time PMing me, never will you have to worry about that again.

I feel this is the best thing for me to do, and I will miss Nerf Haven.

Bye everyone... glad I'm gone, aren't you?



05 December 2003 - 05:35 PM

I was looking through my gun drawer, when I came across an odd looking thing. A Roto-Track. This thing has a 12 shot belt, and fires megas. It fires by pulling back on a slider ontop of the gun, until it clicks. Obviously, it's spring propelled, and it'd an odd one indeed.

I have no desire to take it apart, so I looked at what I could do with it. I decided to modify the clip. I cut away 4 barrels, and drilled a 5/8 hole in the back, for more air delivery. After that, I cut away the barrel, until I was left with the larger donut, which locks itself into the rotater assembly on the gun. If you can't understand that part, pictures of this, and other Mods I've been speaking of lately, will be posted in a new topic, most likely entitled "SB's Pictures" if you care at all about seeing what this all means.

After being left with just the donut, I hot glued a 5 in. PVC barrel to it, and gooped it for air tightness. I then duct taped it to hold it together even more. I took my locking assembly off of my gun, and then hot glued my new barrels to the rotater, which happened to have semi-circular cut-outs, the perfect diameter for the PVC. There are 4 slots in all, so I made 4 barrels. Since they are glued onto the rotater, I needed to sand away part of the handle to make room for the rotating barrels. The 4 barrels means lower ROF, but it is a semi-auto. I'm thinking of developing a speed loader for this, although, it is quite easy to reload all 4 barrels at the same time.

After all of this, I still haven't range tested, seeings how I just finished the Mod literally seconds ago. It took me 30 minutes with breaks to get it done, and it was quite easy. The only hard part was measureing the blasted barrels, which took alot of guess work, because I don't know what the power of the spring is. So, I would like feed-back, comments, and perhaps some one could tell me if I'm in fact the first to do this, therefor I've finally done something original, or if some one has thought of this before me.

Thanks much,

SB is out.

Rachet Blast, Help!

03 December 2003 - 07:12 PM

Alright, my first mod ever was my RB. It was to be single barreled, for a good rifle. When I took it apart, something happened, and it got messed up huge. When I cock the gun, it clicks, but doesn't lock the plunger in place. I'm wondering if I lost a spring or something. I really need pictures of the internal workings of the trigger and around that area, basically, the inside of the handle. This will show me the things I have, and the things I may be missing, as well as helping me put things in place. I have check mod sites, and haven't found the right pictures. Anybody with a Rachet Blast, a camera, and a good heart... please help a Nerfer in need. All input will be greatly appriciated. Sorry to bug you all if you have something better to do... which you probably do.

SB is out.

Shotgun Style Air Gun

17 November 2003 - 02:16 PM

Alright, I recently finshed my bolt-action loser, and I've moved on to more complicated designs.

I have an idea to build my whole gun out of brass. I realize that it may be heavy, but the materials are cheaper, and I'd rather weld than use that bullshit PVC glue, that smells worse than a cow barn.

I would make this gun a double barreled shotgun. I'm going to use the simplist valve I can find, whcih cost about $5.00, which isn't bad for a brass valve. The gun is going to have a unique breach loading system, completely life-like. The barrels will be on a hinge, but the barrels will have to be pulled out. It's hard to explain, but when you pull the barrels forward, it will loosen them, and let the hinge swing freely. This not only ensures a good seal, but restricts the barrels from swinging during operation. After that, you just load the darts from the back of the barrel, then close, and push in. I've tryed it with PVC, and it works. But PVC isn't what I want to use.

My main concern is my handle, which will double as the airtank. I don't know if brass is made to hold big enough pressures to acheive a good shot. I want to use brass because overall, it is easier for me to use, cheaper, and it is abundant in my house. Can brass hold good pressures? If one of you "numbers guys" is readign this, and you care enough, could you post brass' PSI tolerance, or what ever it's called? Thank you.

Once my air pressure problems are solved, I can get to building my gun. I hope I don't need to have an auxilery PVC tank hanging under the barrel, which would mean some problems sealing the brass and PVC together, and I'd have to run some tubes between the PVC and the butt of the shotgun. So, I'd like to keep everything in the body of the gun. I'm thinking of having a barrel switching valve too, so does anyone know if those are avalible? That way, I'd be able to have a very large blast of air into one barrel, resulting in a better shot, while saving the other shot for later.

Please post with any questions or concerns, or helpful tips, or answers to my questions. All input is greatly appriciated, and I can't wait to get this project started. I may post design pictures later, if anyone really can't get a grasp of what I'm saying. Thanks you.

SB is out.

Some Questions

06 November 2003 - 06:28 PM

Alright, when somebody registers, such as I did, did you, Cxwq personally read our application, and personally "add" us to the community? Or is it all merely overseen by you, and it is done by a program?

Second question, how long has this forum been around? What amde you think that you could start such a successful and amazing site and forum?

And finally, when are you going to have the Avatar gallery up and running? When I tryed to acess it, it gives me a long list of errors... I beleive the question was brought up some time, but I didn't find it... so yeah.