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In Topic: Sm5k Won't Fire

31 January 2004 - 02:17 PM

I don't know if you read all of what I said to you, but since your SM5k is in stock 'mode' as it were, you will need all of the stock trigger mechanism pieces. Including the green piece which must be in the right position for the trigger to grab it and pull it back. Make sure it works before putting the gun back together so that you can tweak it where needed.

In Topic: Picture Of Sm5k Internals

20 January 2004 - 08:17 PM

If you want to wait a few days, I can send you mine. I have 3 or so, varying from close up to a wide view.

I can help you through talking about it, if you want to post what your exact problem is. I can help you, the SM5k is just my thing, and I think I know it all off by heart, although I could open mine up to help you.

Check Cx's mod for the SM5k, they aren't the best pictures, but they may help. I'll be glad to help you out though.

In Topic: Sylent_blade

05 January 2004 - 08:37 PM

Sorry I haven't posted... I am trying to cut down. I felt the need to clear up some things.

One, I am not afraid of the forum itself. Nor am I afraid of anything. You see, this forum consumed me in a way that I am very unsetteled about. This forum was taken far too seriously by me, and that is why I have to leave before I do alot more stupid things.

Two, perhaps my take of absence will not be permanent. Maybe it will. Time will heal most wounds, and repair most impurites. Although, time will never take Famine's hate for me. Too bad I suppose. But, you all could use a break from me.

Thirdly, I could add about 30 more people to my apology... but I figure no one will bother reading, so why try?

This will be my last post in this topic, and in this forum. Nhq will not be my new home... nowhere will. Although I haven't an enemy at Nhq, it is just not the same as this place.

Good bye to all that care... it's great to see I may be slightly missed by some.



I kinda feel like i owe him because he helped me out every once in awhile. he wasn't really that bad of a guy. anyway if you do happen to come across this SB don't leave and give yourself a little more credit.

Thank you Blaster. I feel asthough I didn't help you too greatly... I mostly pointed out your wrongs. It's cool that you learned something from me. About not leaving, it's all about the fact that my past caught up with me. Not only am I leaving because of hate and lack of contribution, but, I leave so that I can get a break from this place. It's the best for all of us. Blaster, I thank you... same with you IronMan, but standing up to Famine gets no one nowhere. Read my posts... you'll see.

About the whole give 'em hell thing. That proves in-effective on this forum. I think the best way to go out, is calmly, and nicely.


In Topic: Petg

05 January 2004 - 07:58 AM

Disgustingly arousing.

Is that what they package drill bits in, because I'm definately not above dumpster-diving for some barrel materials. :D

This man will do anything for Nerf... if only he knew... cows can't walk on their heads spinning nickles.

In Topic: New Year's

04 January 2004 - 09:24 PM

Yeah, you're right. I am pretty nerdy in the way that I take this forum so seriously. And like you said, at least we don't waste away infront of our computers... I hope I speak for most when I say that. We do get out, and have a good time. I'm sure I'm no exception to anything, although I do have an active social life. This forum just let's me share my ideas. I am a guy who was deemed gifted by the school board, but never beleived it for myself. I took to a social life, rather than by consumed by school and books. I balance this, and being a Nerf nerd is cool, because we are the smartest of them all. As long as I'm semi-accepted here, I can enjoy being a nerd, because you guys are really cool underneath it all.