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Bbt Alternative

08 May 2008 - 11:55 PM

Hey everyone!
I'm not sure if you've all paroused around your local Wal-mart/Target/Kmart lately, but there's this line of spy products, one of which is a "communication system" (foam rocket flares). Check out the link.


I've got a fair amount of cash so I purchased one of these puppies for $20 and it gets decent range. It comes with a red rocket with streamers, a green one with reflective tape, and a yellow/orange one that's supposed to be used for sending notes. All three of them have whistles on the sides (like the nerf footballs), which makes them kind of poor for stealth, but considering that this thing packs distance similar to that of the BBTitan (it's a pump ~10 pumps) and launches much faster (smaller projectile=less inertia to overcome) the whistling will only add to the feeling of doom that will wash over your friends' faces.

A couple of things about this amazing find:
-pump (~ 10 pumps)
-3 rockets with 3 "extra ammo" holders on the sides of the gun
-trigger is a button on the back of the gun
-aiming is awkward at best, but you can usually count on being within a foot of where you're aiming
-gets good distance (I'm terrible at judging distance in feet, but...) The box says 40' in the air (intending to be fired straight up) so if you do out the physics they say it gets 50.6'/sec, which will probably give you 30-something' flat (I don't have a graphing calculator handy to do out the trig functions).

I'm not sure if it's mod-able, haven't opened it up yet, but when I do I'll post about it.

Anyway if you don't want/can't find/can't afford the BBT try this one out.

Need Help For Air Tank Clip Fed Bolt Action Gun

02 May 2007 - 02:00 AM

Ok. So I have this crazy idea which probably wont work, or I won't follow through with, but maybe someoen else can take on the challenge.

I'm working towards building a nerf gun that looks a bit like the SMG from Halo 2. I have it layed out as being clip fed with a bolt mechanism to que up the next dart, and an air tank as the power behind the punch.

I drew out a nice little picture for you all to get the gist of what im babbling on about:

Posted Image

I penciled in a barrel extension because I feared that having the dart placed so far forward would cause it to fishtail straight out of the gun (short barrel=bad control over fligth path?)

I apologize for the picture quality as I'm doing all this really late at night when i do all my good thinking, and I don't want to distract my room mate wiht a bright camera flash. But I plan[ned] on putting an internal pump in the handle, and the clip in front of the trigger, with possibly another clip stored in the foregrip (small clips obviously for the sake of eye appeal, maybe 6-8 micro stefans)

I also checked out this thread to learn a bit about air tanks.. but I'm trying to not use something as unweildly as a bike pump.


Then there would be some sort of bolt action to push the next dart into place. I planned on mimicing the design from the longshot, or at least using it as my model, because i am very content with the smothness of it.

I was also playing around with the idea of an extendable stock on the back, because I had a sudden maniacal thought that i could make this double as a loser-rifle-esque gun by having the option of a longer stock and longer barrel and a sight (and maybe a bipod?).

I dont really know where to begin with this one. Surely PVC frame, probably a brass/copper barrel, and I have no idea how to set up a trigger system on this baby. Any feedback you guys can toss at me would be helpful.