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Vulcan Air Removal, Stuff Up?

15 July 2010 - 09:39 AM

ok since its been sitting around in my bedroom for months and i haven't looked at it in ages i desided to pick it up. while its not that nessisary for me to fix (as my brother is using my other one) it kinda annoyed me a bit that i couldnt get it to work properly despite people removing the air restrictors and getting 'slightly' better ranges.

the problem is while i can single fire the vulcan and it gets some range (less than stock ive compare it) while on full auto it wont even nudge the round out of the belt.

all i have done is remove the air restrictor and just made it a straight thought peice of pipe.

am i right to belive that the little bit of back pressure from the AR helped the plunger tube seal?