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Barrel Rifling. (just Hear Me Out)

20 February 2010 - 01:40 AM

Barrel rifling. Its been tried, failed, tried again, failed again.

People argue on for days, months, years about dart/barrel fit with rifling, friction on the dart, and effective ways to rifle a barrel.

I have a very simple answer as used on the persuader. Imagine you are making your stefans, when you put a hole in the front with your hot glue gun for the weight, do the same to the rear of the dart.

This way, as the air pressure forces the dart down the barrel, its effectively pushing this "skirt" into better contact with the rifling. Thereby imparting spin, without the drag associated with more pronounced rifling.


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Flame on!


19 February 2010 - 07:06 PM

Hi everyone, This is my first post here, as my account has only just been activated. I have been nerfing for a few years, owned some good ( and some bad) blasters.
This is my latest creation.

Posted Image

It started off as a Super Soaker triple shot to which i added a barrel and a female shrader fitting for screwing in air tanks.

Posted Image

I then added a breech

Posted Image

and a stock

Posted Image

I rifled the barrel

Posted Image

And finally built a larger airtank and connecting hose. painted in a base coat of metallic blue.

Posted Image

Ranges are steady at 164 feet @ 55psi. I have pressure tested the tank to 120Psi. The accuracy is amazing, the darts leave the barrel spinning fast and they fly straight. The rifling is one turn in 6 inches.

There is more potential range there, but it would just hurt too damn much at lower ranges if I upped the pressure.

I know water gun conversions have been done, but seriously, who would wanna look down that barrel? and not run?