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In Topic: Barrel Rifling. (just Hear Me Out)

20 February 2010 - 03:52 AM

Thanks for the constructive criticism.

The whole reason I went this way is because this particular rifled barrel, is designed for a rediculously powerful nerf gun. one that dumps 24ci of air down the barrel, at a minimum firing pressure of 55Psi.

The loss of velocity in this case is negligible, as there is so much power to spare.
I weighed it all up, and my rifled barrel experiences no average drop in range over a smoothbore one.

The persuader is the gun in question. The benefit of the rifled barrel spin far outweighs any cons.

In Topic: Zbreech

20 February 2010 - 12:27 AM

@dog9- Yeah, I'll be making these to sell.

@LotusNerf- What do you mean no breech cover? It certainly does have one. The 9/16 brass tube that is pulled out to open the breech is the breech cover. In the first pic where the breech is closed (sealed) it is the 9/16 brass that you are looking at. Just like in an Angel breech, the follower in the nerf clip is what puches the dart into the 17/32 barrel.

What sort of price are you looking at for one of these?

In Topic: Persuader

20 February 2010 - 12:19 AM

I've seen this posted on Revolution mmultiple times, and just thought, "Thats a trip to the hospital waiting to happen." Yet this thread has proven me 150% wrong.
I also thought it was one large tank but I didn't know it was... Semi-auto.
This thing is lethal in many ways, and to tell you the truth I'd hate to look down the barrel of it.
Super Soakers are definetly becoming popular...
Nice job.

Thanks for the positive reply, the only reason i use the super soakers is because of the cam-operated spring loaded ball valve. The firing valve is just a normal ball valve, but it has a pre-tension spring and a cam. So you pull the trigger, it pulls back on the cam to a certain point, then the tension spring snaps the ball valve all the way open really, really fast. its just as fast to close to.

Our wars here in Australia pretty much ban the use of anything homemade, although I have found one person with a singled titan that said they'd be willing to have a go.

In Topic: Persuader

19 February 2010 - 11:12 PM

Very nice and clean, but does the rifling leave any noticeable marks on the dart?


In Topic: Persuader

19 February 2010 - 10:26 PM

Cheers for all the positive comments, it does look pretty mean. The stock is from a buzzbee rapid fire rifle. I killed it trying to make it shoot further than 15 feet, so I scavenged the stock for the Persuader.

This is my rifling tool.
Top view.

Posted Image

Side view

Posted Image

Its basically a piece of wooden dowell with a slot cut in it, and a piece of shaped coathanger wire hotglued to it.
The hanger wire is charpened at the points so it creates the grooves of the rifling.

I draw it through my barrels while turning, but after starting the turn you can just draw it straight through as it will continue the turn of the rifling on its own.

I only use rifled barrels on my air guns. the springers tend not to like the drag of the rifling too much.