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In Topic: nerfhaven threatens to shut down MY ISP?

06 November 2016 - 05:48 PM

What rights? You have freedom of speech, sure, but you aren't free from consequences of that speech. If you're doing something that breaks the rules here, then you're subject to what happens when you break the rules. By joining this forum and posting, you're agreeing to these rules that have been placed before you and you agree to take responsibility for your actions. You're also agreeing to allow NH and it's admins/mods/staff to take the actions listed because you're agreeing to post here after reading the rules. 


Don't complain about something that you've agreed to by reading the rules then continuing to post here. 

In Topic: Apocalypse 2016 - August 6th in Ocean Township, NJ

01 May 2016 - 02:29 PM

Making it on time as well, should be me and my wife this time around instead of hauling father time and the crew. (He was why I was late :c )


Can't wait to see everyone again, and I'm going good to hopefully stay much longer than last time! 

In Topic: Nerf Hammershot 7 shot barrel

20 January 2016 - 01:12 AM

If you're talking about Yifan9, he's a reseller. I bought two of mine from him, and he should be getting them again pretty soon. It just takes him a bit to get more stock in. I know a couple other people are starting to make their own, but I don't think they have any for sale yet. Just keep trying back every so often.

In Topic: "Koosh" darts

01 January 2016 - 02:25 AM


You appear to have confused me with a putz in a mask.  I won't hold it against you, and will happily attempt to give you better information than "Weigh the booster packs before you buy them."
Honestly, koosh darts are great, but just don't react well with flywheels.  If you are intent on using a noisemaker, you may just need to use FVJs or the nipple darts.  Your opinion on dart longevity is a pretty good one and, if you can afford to purchase darts on a regular basis, should serve you well.

Weighing the packs is a great way to find foils, as well as bonus cards as per the DKA (right?) set where you had the extra flip cards. Saves you money if you're just going for foils, which is all it's useful for. 

On topic; 

Nipple darts are great, depending on which brand you end up getting. I really like the Accu darts, they seemed to fly further than FVJ's and stock elites out of my Crossbow. All shots seemed more consistent in terms of accuracy, but there is too much power behind them to really test that accurately. (heh) 
If you're just looking for something to shoot off, or have a ton of ammo around, the FVJ's really do a good job of being cheap and fairly launchable.

Koosh darts seem to work well in flywheelers, as that's the only thing Duke Wintermaul will use in them.

In Topic: RSCB and Koosh Darts?

10 October 2015 - 01:08 PM

Adding on to this; anything in an RSCB that doesn't have a hard tip or thin enough tip will get stuck trying to enter your barrel, at least in my experience. Stock darts, koosh, some slugs if the heads aren't on properly, all have issues feeding into RSCB's. As Snoop said, your best bet is slugs. And well made ones, or you're gonna have a bad time.