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[OH] C.A.N.E. Presents B.O.G.

26 August 2015 - 02:53 PM

What: CANE presents Black Ops Global indoor wars!
When: Every 2nd Friday of the month
Where: 11472 Gondola Drive, Cincinnati OH
Cost: $7 if you have your own blaster, $12 to rent. Darts are supplied, special ammo is a BYO.

It's a little short notice (It's the upcoming Friday), but C.A.N.E. is having an indoor war! We're in the starting stages, so there are kinks we're working out. Here's a quick rundown of everything;

It's a 5 hour event, and the more people we get the better chance we have of getting more hours to play there. We're currently working on that.

It's a pay-to-play, as it's not out arena, and the cost is $7. We've got an itinerary of games we're playing, and we're trying to keep games that are unlimited respawns like CTF, DTC, and Carpe. We're always open for suggestions on game types or what to play, but we're trying to stick to a pre-planned list just to keep things running smoothly. If we get game types before Fridays, we can probably throw them in.


There is a 300 FPS cap (imposed by Black Ops themselves), but we're using FVJ's (for the cost, and we're using pretty low-powered stuff for the most part) so I'd like to keep FPS down to 200ish. This is almost all close quarters combat.
Blaster bans will be anything shooting over 250 FPS. We have an on-site chrony to check, and anything air powered will be tested beforehand. If you're shooting stock missiles, it won't be a problem.

Darts will be supplied, so please do not bring your own. If you're using your own ammunition like megas, discs, arrows, etc., you're responsible for those yourself and we're not in charge of finding them.
Currently, we're not allowing any stefans/slugs/etc until we can figure something out with Black Ops. It's more of an insurance thing with the building.

We'll go over the rules at Black Ops itself, but they're just the basic stuff;
No drugs or alcohol
No violence
Be respectful
Eye protection is mandatory
Fun is recommended

This is the map for the arena

Attendees (Not including the people who I don't personally know, or the Airsoft kids who join us);
Chrono +1
Tim +1
Pat +1
Christian +1
Kid Flash

These are our regular attendees. We had 26 peoplet our last war, with close to those numbers regularly. Not including airsoft kids who play with us too.

Cincinnati, OH Nerf war (Cancelled due to lack of interest)

03 March 2012 - 09:37 PM

Alright guys, this should be pretty easy. We need a place to Nerf, and several members have thrown in places they like. Date will be the same for everything but Lazer Kraze, since that will be more of a bi/weekly event if enough people agree to go to those.

For locations, we have:
Rapid Run Park
Boone Woods Park
Mt. Echo Park
Dunham Park
And then both Lazer Kraze locations.

For Lazer Kraze; prices will probably be $5ish like it used to be. It might be more than that, but it's going to be for three hours of nerfing in their arena. I'm waiting to hear from them to see if they'll allow us to use the arena again.

Date: April 15th (Unless you need a different day)/Any Friday or other day of the week for Lazer Kraze
Time: 10 til whenever we're pooped./ After closing.
Where: Whichever you guys choose; besides Lazer Kraze.

-Eye protection is mandatory.
-No singled Titans/Cobras/etc.
-I would prefer if blasters that originally fire ammo larger than a mega have some sort of OPRV.
-Barrel taps are of course allowed.
-Gun hits count.
-Don't bring all Black or camo guns.
-No age limit, but if you're getting annoying we will tell you to leave.
-General douchebaggery will not be allowed, and we will tell you to GTFO.
-No shields except for Manta Rays.
-Melee weapons are only allowed for HvZ rounds.
-If we end up going to Lazer Kraze, try to keep cursing to a minimum. We want them to want us back. Also, stock darts will be the only thing allowed at Lazer Kraze. Don't want to break a light.
- Big Blasts will be inspected thoroughly Ė Any modifications to the tank in order to expand it, or to the ORPV to reduce its effect on the air output will prevent the blaster from being used. Big Blasts already fire insanely hard guys; you donít need more power. Be prepared to open these blasters in front of the hosts for inspection (donít glue it shut Ė it will be banned)
- Any other blasters that are voted too powerful will be banned for the day.
- Blasters will only be banned due to safety/power issues, not because it dominates.

Dart Regulations:
-Nothing bigger than a 1/4" slingshot weight.
-No tack darts AKA death darts. Because you'll be kicked out for using them.
-If we end up doing HvZ, only stock darts will be allowed.

Game Types:
-Pistol Only rounds
-Any further additions can be voted for.

What to bring:
-Two Primaries, in case your first one breaks.
-A secondary.
-LOTS of stock darts and stefans. Minimum 200 a person. If you do not have that many, loaners will be available.
-Good attitude!
-Bandanas/flagging tape, as many colors as you have. This helps with team matches.
-Trade stuff!
-Food or money for food, and plenty of water/liquids. This is a MUST HAVE.
-Money for loaners. Refundable if you don't break the blaster, and if you bring back all/90% of the darts borrowed.

What not to bring:
-Bad attitude.
-Banned blasters.
-Death darts.


Maybes: Stop procrastinating and be a definite!

If there is anything else I need to add, please PM or post. I'll fix it asap.