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Universal Range Testing

29 May 2008 - 09:08 PM

So, I learned a valuable lesson tonight when actually measuring my LS' range. IT DOES NOT SHOOT 80 feet. More like 40 (It's decently modified too). I also learned that every single range claim I have posted on this site has been an exaduration.

I think it is time to come up with a universal range testing system.

Here are the things I think that should be done when you are seeing how far your Nerf gun shoots.

1. Use a 100ft measure reel for your ranges. Not your foot, not your step, not a ruler, a 100ft tape measure reel. They can be picked up at any hardware store or ordered online. They look like this.

Posted Image

2. Do not pick up the best made darts from your collection for the range test. During a Nerf war, you won't have time to rummage through your pockets searching for your best made Stefans.

3. For your range testing, pick up at least 10 darts from your collection for the testing

4. Get a friend, mom, brother, or some other person to vouch for your range claim and make sure when you're firing your blaster that the barrel is parallel to the ground. That's means a 0 degree angle.

5. Lay out your tape measure reel. All 100 feet of it. If you don't have room in your backyard, go to a park or something.

6. Load your dart (s) into your barrel (s) like you would in a Nerf war. That means no ram roding. Now do you understand the practicality of a breach or coupler?

7. Once you get an OK from your range testing buddy, pull the trigger.

8. Repeat 6 & 7 until you have no remaining darts.

9. Walk along your tape measure reel until you find your first dart. Record the range and move on until you get to your last dart.

10. Repeat steps 6-9 one more time

11. Now you have your ranges for ONE day.

12. If you want to be super accurate with your ranges (you do) repeat all steps during randomly chosen times in the week.

Suggestions or concerns?

Potential Newmarket War

10 April 2008 - 03:35 PM

So, I've just received permission from a local church to Nerf around and in the forest behind their building. But why the "Potential" is in the title is because they need dates, and until I have received the phone call from one of the pastors confirming that its alright, I don't want to say it will happen under any circumstances.

Here's a picture of the outside of the church http://www.northridg...com/Church3.gif.

Now give me dates that work for you. I'm thinking mid May to early June.

Big Blast 2 Pack Only $15!

31 March 2008 - 05:34 PM


Need I say more?

Edit: for those of you in Canada, I found the deal in stores too, so check there before, so you don't have to worry about shipping.

Yet Another Homemade Manta Shell

24 February 2008 - 01:12 AM

The Manta Ray has been my dream blaster ever since I started Nerfing, so having the opportunity to not only have a Manta, but also to BUILD a Manta got me very giddy. So before I start dishing out all the information on my semi complete Manta Ray, I would like to thank Baghead for inspiring me to fabricate one of my own.

I was looking for some paper that I could draw my template on, when I stumbled across a turquoise organizing file. I grabbed it, ran down stairs and (while the file was still folded in two) drew half a Manta on it (You'll see). The drawing was WAY out of proportion, so I cut it down to fit the dimensions that would be allowed in a war. After that I drew "scales" on my template (still while folded in two), numbered them, and cut them out. Then I had perfectly symmetrical scales that would eventually make up my Manta.

The Manta Ray scales were numbered. There ended up being 46. Here's a picture of them laid out to give me a basic idea of what it was to look like.

Posted Image

The next step was to find a material that was sturdy, but did not require more than heavy duty scissors to cut. I was looking in my garage for some sort of plastic sheet, when I saw a massive bag of Tupperware lids that were going to be thrown out. I stole several, and made my way back down stairs.

They looked like this in the beginning.

Posted Image

And looked like this in the end.

Posted Image

That's all I have so far, but I'm planning to pick up zip ties and craft foam tomorrow (I guess where I am I'm technically picking them up today...).

I will post updates on the project each major step.

Scorpion Bow Mod

15 January 2008 - 05:38 PM

So, FA24 lives near me, and I figured that if I didn't post a write-up soon I'd be beaten to death by him. Here it is, the 1st Scorpion Bow mod on NH.

Posted Image

That's what it looks like out of the box. I was really surprised to see that it wasn't a complete rip off of the 3B. Instead of pushing the front of the gun foreword, you pull that handle just below the scope to cock it.

Anyways, get rid of all the useless stuff and open it up (don't forget the screw under the "Airzone" sticker).


Posted Image

Close up on the trigger mech.

Posted Image

What you want to do now is take out the plunger tube and pull it apart. These air restrictors should come out with little force.

Posted Image

Keep the two circle ones and throw the big long one away.

Now make them look like these two in the picture.

Posted Image

This is where the mod gets kinda confusing, but I'll try my best to explain.

Cut about 1cm off the top of the stock barrel so your barrel of choice has better stability, then push said barrel down the stock barrel. Remember those two air restrictors that I told you to keep? Put the one on the right down the top of the plunger tube like you would with a 3B, then put the one on the left down, only this time flipped upside down. Glue like crazy in the 3 cracks so you fill up all the dead space. It should look like this.

Posted Image

While the plunger tube is still in two, wrap some E tape around the plunger head and lube it up (I couldn't do this to mine 'cause I've been out of it since October), and add a Mav spring or two (every little bit counts).

Put it all back together and you should have one very nice primary.

I get ranges in the mid 70s, but mine isn't airtight, and although the weather is pretty nice here, it's still colder than spring or summer, so that also affects the range.

To finish off, here's some random pictures of the gun.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Questions or comments?

I'll post a video when I figure out how to take one on my camera...

EDIT: Teehee. Photobucket isn't being mean anymore. I'm currently converting all the pictures.