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In Topic: Massacre

02 December 2008 - 08:07 PM

Guys, I hate you. A lot. December 13th? I can think of 2 significant things about that date. 1. It's the date that Venus and Earth complete some sort of 8 year cycle, and all the times Venus and Earth lined up together in that cycle makes a pentagram. More on this here (was it intentional?). And 2. It's the date of a show for freaking musical I'm assistant stage manager for, and I can't miss it. I'd invite you guys, but you seem to have a Nerf war to go to.

In Topic: Wcno Numero 2

14 November 2008 - 03:24 PM

Yeah, I should be able to come. I like to think I'm not a pussy anymore, which greatly increases the chance of me showing up. I'll try and round up some others, but I imagine I'll only be able to get 1 or 2. A bit off topic, but am I the only one who can't reload in gloves? How do you do it?

In Topic: A Gift.

30 October 2008 - 05:00 PM

What a nice gun. I really have to go to Bass Pro and pick a Pump Shotgun up. I believe I'm going to snatch one sometime in the near future. Need a primary anyway (BBBs are stupid sometimes).

Before I get one, other than the catch needing to be reinforced, are there any notable problems that a Pump Action Shotgun has?

Excellent job on that beauty regardless.

In Topic: What Costume Are You People Wearing For Halloween?

25 October 2008 - 10:03 PM

My brother and I were originally going to be these guys and hand out candy to kids, and chase away annoying teenagers (no, not the ones who legitimately want free candy... you know which ones I'm talking about) with light sabers, but apparently Fabric Land wants to be stupid and not carry the right kind of fleece.

Not sure what to be now, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick to my guns. Yes the box.

In Topic: Hell Before Halloween. #2

25 October 2008 - 06:14 PM

Ha. Hope you guys did enough Nerfing for me too. I'm really disappointed I didn't get to go AGAIN. I was taking a vacation from Nerf, and I intended to stop vacationing at the beginning of October, but I was WAY too busy. I kid you not, I did the math and I had an average of 5 projects due a week for all of this month so far. Anyway, I'm back again, and ready to contribute for real this time.

A little off topic, but just so I don't get a bad reputation for not showing up to wars, I admit it, back when I was going to “wcno” I DID have my grandfathers birthday party I had to attend to, but I was just using that as an excuse. Attempting to sound as manly as I possibility can, I was a little intimidated and I bailed out. If I really wanted to I could've made it. No more crap from me.

You guys better have had a good time though. And just so I can be a pest, was there filming?