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In Topic: Any Tactical Nerf Vest Recommendations?

28 December 2018 - 04:58 PM

In Topic: Fixed magazine systems (Kanetana?)

28 December 2018 - 06:42 AM

...and I'll actually have a larger 3D printer coming, so it's feasible for me to make this.

The later versions would be fine for a small printer.  The actual magazine part is tall, but there's no bottom on it so you can arbitrarily stop the print wherever and just have that much less capacity.  At 120mm you could still fit at least 6 darts in it without doing an extension.

Actually that applies to all of them except the stupid drum thing.

In Topic: Homemades Picture Thread

24 March 2018 - 06:42 PM

A recent variation on the BullPAC 3, combining my recent interest in Katana magwells ( https://www.thingive...m/thing:2838089 ) with my much older BullPAC 3 design ( https://www.thingive...om/thing:672304 ).


In Topic: Modification and Paintjob Pictures

18 March 2018 - 01:58 AM

A bunch of mods for making the Dart Zone Powerball blast darts instead of rival balls.  They basically all shoot 150 fps (ish) without any spring replacement or any other performance mods.

N-strike magazines:



Katana Magazines:




Megas (muzzle load, tight fit, barrel is 3/4" CPVC, it basically sucks but hey megas)




Micro/50 cal (Muzzle load, loose fit / vacuum loading, .625" x .527" barrel material hidden by 3/4" PVC shroud for barrel plant protection).


In Topic: The Foam Conflict (gametype)

06 June 2017 - 10:44 PM

I would probably limit it to around 3 easy to memorize classes. That's all I can remember when I am playing TF2 XP but really, if you have a whole bunch of limitations and things on people abilities and guns, it's hard to keep it straight. Think of Amtgard classes. Everyone ha different weapon abilities and spells and levels and all this shit and it's hard to memorize.

My theory was that "light" "medium" and "heavy", being only a budget and a spawn time, would require minimal reading (weapons would be tagged, unique personal weapons would be easily figured out relative to tagged blasters).  I am definitely trying not to be amtguard in that sense.  



tons of stuff

So my expected environment is outside with mobstacles and a few trees, and we'll almost entirely be using my blasters.  I'm not expecting anyone to show up with more than a stock nerf blaster.  I think most of your changes are adaptive to the indoor environment you're anticipating.  I like your classes, and I like the idea of having all the classes, but I'm also very tempted to just make it light/medium/heavy for simplicity.  I definitely don't want to go down the route of having people yell things at other people as part of their abilities.  I get what you're going for by dividing blasters by type rather than effectiveness to define classes and it's cool (as well as makes classes more interesting), but I like the idea that any class can choose what sort of amament they use (ie range vs rof vs capacity vs mobility vs whatever else) even if they can't choose the best of that particular sort of thing.  For example, a light can use a pullback springer for a long-ranged focus, but not a pump action springer, or an airgun, or even a pullback springer with a large magazine.  A light also has many close-range/high ROF options like the STAN gun or a flywheel blaster, but can't use a pump-action springer with a hopper blowgun attachment.  And it can use a small sword and small shield  with 2 points leftover for a pistol, or large sword but no shield for 4 points leftover for a blaster, etc.




Even more stuff

So I consider multiple hitpoints to be kind of toxic.  Makes cheating more ambiguous when you see it.  You do you with your system, but just understand that I personally don't like it and wouldn't put it in mine.  

It was always the intent to represent classes of blasters, not individual blasters.  Obviously it's not 100% all-encompasing, but it's a start until someone shows up with something that doesn't fit into the classes.  A lot of the interesting stock blasters just need to be assigned their own values on the spot, which is why I summarized them as "human powered nerf blasters".  I'm not expecting them to be useless by any means, but without TONS of cover range is a pretty big deal, which is why all the homemade springers are so much more points than the nerf blasters.

There will always be features and aspects of nerf blasters that aren't reflected in the system, for mine some of them are a deliberate choice for simplicity.  I chose not to distinguish between all the types of "singled" blasters- muzzle loaders, breech loaders, speedloaders are all treated the same as long as there's no magazine. This was not made clear.

I'm expecting/assuming the homemade springers and bows to all be roughly the same power, shooting about 200 fps with 1 gram darts.  I can get away with this more because I'm providing them, but even if I weren't actual range doesn't change much with more velocity than that, and people generally just don't build homemades with much less velocity than that.


 I also chose not to distinguish between the various blaster layouts (eg bullpup, double-rainbow, other different bullpup) or the type of catch.  And of course there are many other ergonomic factors that make some blasters easier to use than others.  This was not made clear.

I also chose not to distinguish between a pullback blaster, bolt-action blaster, bad lever action, or any priming action which requires removing one or both of your hands from the ideal firing position .  I didn't make this clear either.

Pump action was meant to include things like (good) lever action, push-action, or any other priming action where your hands never leave the firing position when priming.  This is an educational process in things that I didn't make clear.

Semi-auto was not likely to show up aside from battery powered nerf blasters, which (at least stock) don't have amazing performance and are categorized as 8 points. 

Any homemade weirder than that is extremely unlikely to appear in any community.  

Modded blasters are not really part of my system yet.  I don't really have any, and if I'm lucky it's a question I won't have to deal with.  I just feel hopeless doing anything but a case-by-case analysis for modded blasters.

Blowguns are a HUGE omission in my system so far, with only STAN guns/hopper blowguns represented.  However, I'm not going to allow blowguns without an amazing mouthpiece or at least something flexible for the mouthpiece, and that kind of kills the simple pipe blowguns that dominate with old-school (not ancient-school) darts, and still work well with 50 cal darts.  However, there are a variety of magazine fed blowgun styles that don't present such a safety concern, and I would guess they would be in the 4-6 point range (I don't get sweet range with 50 cal blowguns) plus whatever magazine capacity adder.