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Which Dremel To Get?

02 June 2009 - 02:43 AM

I'm considering buying a Dremel, and simply wondered, what is the 'best' one to get? The Dremel 300 looks good, and you can buy with lots of accessories. The cordless model, the Lithium Ion or w/e looks just the same, but cordless (with a display but who cares). I don't really think the cordless one and all its features are necessary, and seems a bit more expensive than I'm willing to spend.
What I'm really asking, is what rotary tool do you guys have? Is it an actual Dremel, or a cheaper brand of rotary tool? Are they any good, despite not being the 'leading brand'? And would you suggest I get a Dremel or a cheaper copy?

Standard Range Test

24 May 2009 - 04:08 PM

Firstly, I have searched and can't find anything of the likes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd be the first to suggest or post something like this.

What I'm suggesting is a standardised range test for everyone to adhere to so that ranges are all relative.
When advertising ranges, either for bragging about their new mod and/or in the trading forum, I'm sure that people exaggerate ranges slightly, or even angling the gun biases the results compared to people who do it 'fairly'.

I want feedback on my idea, how it could be improved or even simply say how you test your ranges, and good ideas can be incorporated.

Proposed Plan

On flat, level ground, a long tape measure to be laid down along the ground, further than you expect your gun to shoot. You can get very long tapes for measuring buildings. If you don't have access to one of these, string or rope can be used, and measure out at the end. The measure should be taught - use a weight at the end to keep it tight. One person, the 'spotter' is to stand to the side, down range roughly where you think the dart will land.

The shooter will stand at the firing point - the start of the tape measure. The gun will be resting at a specific height*, flat and level - not angled. A spirit level can be used if there is any dispute. Try to do this indoors, or if a longer range required, outdoor, providing there is as little wind as possible - crosswind is preferable to head or tail winds. When the shooter fires, the spotter must watch to see where the dart first lands/bounces. He is to make a note of this distance. The shooter then repeats until he has fired six shots - this is a number that can be used to gauge an average, and is also the mag capacity of several Nerf guns.

The spotter should now have 6 ranges, and an average can be calculated from this (Sum of all results divided by six.)

*I've used a 1 metre high box, however some may say this is too low - firing from a shoulder is just under or around 5 feet, give or take due to different peoples heights. And it'd be kinda hard to find a 5 foot high box - or other object to rest the gun on. I'm open to suggestions for this, however this is a key element to the test - a 'unified' shooting height/position.

Nerf Nade

18 May 2009 - 09:28 AM

..."Not another nerf nade..."

Having read all nine pages of discussion about nerf nades, mines, tripwires etc on NHQ, I came up with my own idea. It is to be a UGL launched grenade, that can be filled with anything - foam, BBs, even paint.

Original topic if you're interested. I suggest you read it; it provides a lot of background information about the development behind it and problems it's overcome etc.

My original idea was for a cork based design (see topic for details), however with Davisev5225's help, we've developed it into much more...

Posted Image

Posted Image

What I propose to do. Note that I'll remove the little lip inside the capsule. The catch is pretty self explanitary - credit goes to a nerfing friend when he was looking at the bolt sled for the Recon. I haven't drawn in the rest of the chamber since thats piss easy compared to the catch and hasnt got anything to do with the mechanism.
Posted Image

I'll add a rim to the detonator so that when it impacts, it pushes the catch inwards (from holes in the capsule).
Posted Image

This forces the baseplate backwards with lots of force. It will stop at the end when the catches engage two more holes at the bottom. Note that the spring also pushes the detonator forwards again.
Posted Image

My main aims for this are as follows:
  • To make a successful, working Nerf Nade.
  • Made cheaply out of readily available materials - so they can be mass produced by anyone
  • Once the grenade is finished, I intend to make an underslung/underbarrel grenade launcher, either out of the LS front gun, or from scratch.

Please discuss - comments, questions, suggestions all welcome.

Recon To Shotgun Conversion Mod

18 May 2009 - 08:42 AM

Currently this is WIP, however I hope to use this topic as a place of discussion where ideas and development can be passed around.

I've already posted this on NHQ, and had a few replies, mainly 'wow this is gunna be awsum!!' and not much help. I hope you guys can be a little more helpful.

I suggest you read the original topic. This saves me having to paste/quote everything, plus peoples comments and my replies which include relevant information. I think that topic covers most points, however feel free to ask me any questions about anything, presuming it hasn't already been answered on NHQ.

As a continuation from the end of that topic, currently I have started working on the MDF mock up, and hopefully soon I will cast the carrier dog in aluminium.