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I Found Where You Can Buy The Unreleased Guns, If You're Rich.

06 July 2010 - 01:18 PM

Now i've got your attention...
I was looking around on the interwebs, to see if these guns where being sold,
And i came across this site, I think it's like a chinese Ebay.
And well...

This site has loads of stuff... (That Isn't Released! :))

There's millions of secret stuff for rich people.

Oh, also i saw these, i've always wanted this set:

A bit pricey though.

now some rich member can buy them all and show us the internals?

Please tell me if someone has already posted these.




I don't know how i missed Talio's notice on the front page (Sorry)
But will this really count?
I mean, these are probably Actual Nerf Employees selling them, But if it is, then please delete this, i don't want to be a Douche.

Jersey War!

08 May 2009 - 02:22 PM

If anyone lives here, meeting you will be my birthday and christmas sorted for two years. I can never find ANY nerfers over here. i mean, there's loads of people, but i never see any nerf wars and if i search the forums i can only find new jersey. Since we only have a few nerf guns aviliable in the UK, im getting longshot and magstrike from ebay. I wonder why when they bring out the vulcan they're calling it the "Havoc Fire" over here. Anyway.... if anyone lives in this area e-mail me and i will reply ASAP. Since jersey's small, we can easily find each other, so the war dosen't need to be that well organised. If i cant find any people, i might have to resort back to paintball. :( Oh, and sorry if saying original in capitals offended any of you. I can't even remember what i've written in this post. So again, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

Thanks for readin'!