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17 November 2018 - 11:12 PM

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Urban ops STL file released!



Hello, everyone on NH,I’ve been working on developing lately, so I diving for a while.

The developing of Urban ops started around this April. Here are some results that I would like to share.



The aesthetic of Urban ops is an old school combination of my wonderful visual and ergonomic experience from my childhood.


I’m inspired by these models:


  1. LNL pistol is a recommended pistol on NH. I like the appearance of the grip a lot. So, I integrated it into the flashlight mount with a touch of bright purple.

Attached File  LNL.JPG   16.31KB   80 downloads


2.TECH TARGET: The extended look of the sight has a techy vibe to it. The ergonomic trigger is well designed, perfect for gun spinning tricks.

Attached File  TT.JPG   17.7KB   74 downloads


3.NiteFinder: When I got it, the blue and orange coloring made me feel like a detective,

probably because the police wear blue uniforms. Since the small size fits in a holster easily,

I was hoping that I could do the same with my design.


4.M1911 Grip Panel: This is a design that realized customization. Each panel could be unique,

so that the users can express their own style, making it worth collecting


5.BERETTA 93R: It was the folding stock that impressed me.

The look of BERETTA in Robot Cop is also quiet outstanding.


Other ideas:


  1. The color of Urban ops conveys a feeling of the night with purple and aqua blue.
    What’s interesting is that when we were taking photos of it, it merged into the night of the city.
  2. Muzzle brake 
    The sporty design of the muzzle brake consists of different tringles.
    Among guns designed specifically for competitions, a lot of them have a muzzle brake with geometric design.
    I didn’t make rounded hole because they are very common.

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Actually, this is an old method of JSPB. In order to save space,

O-Ring is adopted in place of screws. It comes with 5R rifled barrels because it reduces the time of making.

Since a pentagon shaped rifling could be difficult to make without tools,

a STL file of the tool is thoughtfully provided! (Of course, a 6R one would be more accurate.)


  1. Single shot pistol
  1. The advantage of the single shot pistol is that it’s new player friendly.
  2. So far, we are focusing on optimizing the basic functions. Since some people are looking forward to the wheel, it is under development. The wheel would be compatible with JSPB Urban ops.
  3. You can keep it in your bag with you. Make nerf war a life style.


Folding stock connector


The folding stock connector is special because it is also a bottle opener.
Why? It’s all about catching up with friends. After a war, don’t go home straight away! Have some drink and chat!


Scope mount

Solid design, offers a steady and secure hold. Not shaky at all.


Urban ops Lite STL File Download here:


  1. Parts marked with “100fill” should be printed at 100%.
  2. Piston and piston rod should be printed with Pla2.0 or PETG
  3. Compatible [[[[k26]]] (For safety reasons, parts should be defect-less)



You will need:



1 O-Ring 22.1x3.5(inner)

3 O-Ring 17.8x2.4(inner)

1 O-Ring 2.8x1.9(inner)

1 Screw 5/32 X 1 1/4

4 Screw 4X12 mm

9 Screw 5/32 X 5/8

2 Screw 5/32 X 14

2 Screw 2X6 mm

2 Bolt & nut:  6x150 mm

5 Nut: 5/32

Gasket 36mm

Silicone grease

Fishing line

2 small Spring

1 Large Spring


How to make Urban ops:



Drink and battle:



01 October 2017 - 08:02 AM

Hi, remember the method of using fishing line for rifling by winding fishing line in the barrel?

I would like to publish a new version of ZLING Rifling. You can download the stl file to apply it to your work.

Features of this version:


1. Adjustable twist rate

2. Threads are held by screw. Fat-finger problem free. That is to say, no more tying!

3. Threads will not loosen.





2010, January 27th, Ezekiel Lin successfully make the dart spin with fishing line for rifling. The technique was named Antennae Rifling Barrel since after tying, the threads looks like antennae of insects. The threads can function as sensors, enabling players to observe wind direction while shooting.
2015 ARB is applied to JSPB Pro and renamed as Zlin Rifling. Knot tying parts are improved.
2016 Zlin Rifling is applied to JSPB Pro2. The original 4-line design is increased to 6-line, significantly improved shooting accuracy.
2017 Zlin Rifling is applied to JSPB B&B. Threads are held by a screw, hence thread tying is no longer required.

The standard internal diameter of Zlin Rifling ring is 18.55mm. Rings of 13mm and 14mm internaldiameter are also available.

(1) Standing poles, designed to make the screw stand whiling being fixed to the barrel.
(2) Blocker, prevents over screwing, also acts as a cooling conductor during 3D printing.
(3) Supporting arms, supports the frame.
(4) Grooves, holds lines.
(5) Taps, increases screw stability.
Zlin Rifling’s ring-shaped holder allows you to install barrels with various design. The distinctive feature of the barrel case is a long strip shaped hole for fine tuning.
materials and features introductions:
Line Diameter: 0.2mm (1.5#)
Braided Fishing Line: Some are made of PET+PE, absorbs water and has a high abrasion resistant.
Metal Fishing Line: Covered with a layer of plastic, which has a smooth surface that makes the shooting easily and creates vibrations like string instruments for rifling. However, the line will become very fragile once the plastic layer broke.
Nylon Fishing Line: Not recommended since it creates high resistance against plastic dart tips. 







1. If you created barrel with ZLIN Rifling, please let me know so that I can place your logo in my web site(jspb3d.com) PARTNER area as advertisement.

2. The specifications of ZLIN Rifling have been built. All you have to do is to change the external design.

3. Feel free to sell your works.
Apply ZLIN Rifling technique on your works to improve shooting accuracy greatly.


JSPB B&B mini-hopper

26 May 2017 - 11:20 AM

Hi everyone, I am 3DBBQ . :lol: 

I want to show you my latest project.




This is the hopper clip design. This is a mechanism that I have never made before because there weren’t any Pipe Wyes where I lived.

When prototyping, I used 3D printing to make the Pipe Wyes models. These are the areas where I have fixed the hopper clip:





1. The darts now start to turn after it accelerates instead of turning while it accelerates. This allows the darts to really go through every step without getting stuck or shooting blanks.

Attached File  turn.jpg   102.71KB   128 downloads



2. Using a spiral airflow to allow turning while accelerating.




3. 35 degrees is a good angle.


Attached File  angle35b.jpg   105.63KB   147 downloads



I use a bigger check valve instead of a mini valve for larger ones have greater pump force and power.

However, there is a problem with shooting compared to the mini valve, which is why I’ve designed a lever mechanism that can make you press easily and shoot with a strong force.






The hopper clip’s aiming scope is made of four mirrors to form a reflex sight that prevents the magazine from blocking the line of sight.






Conclusion: The hopper clip is a design that allows speed and high efficiency. It also solves the problem of an obscure line of sight thanks to the sighting device.



This is the version of the big air tank I’m fixing now.

The big air tank can be used in many places, but I recommend to use it with an air tank big enough for better results.


This is how it works: 




Using a tiny cone to prevent the air from shooting out at once. The cone allows the air to enter the spacious air tank quickly, and leave the spacious air tank slowly. During the shooting process, do not press the trigger for too long so that you don’t consume and waste the air.


This is a design that is easy to make and it can allow firing shots in rapid succession.





08 October 2016 - 04:07 AM



Hi! This is my new work, part of the use of 3D printing, it is very simple production,
just need to put it together , glue together, and you can change the style you want.
This model looks like some of the features of the past works, is not the same place? 
it has reserved some air road,using PU soft tube to connection, in addition to the RSCB Clip can be added,
the future can also connect another pump to push the clip inside darts.
The second pump push the darts inside the clip videos:
JSPB Pro2 does not need to muzzle down to load, JSPB Pro2 can continue shooting.
Pump air in to the Clip inside the darts to precision position is not easy, 
they must create an air escape,to prevent the continuous emission of darts.

3DSTL Files : 


JSPB3D SCH40 breech ring.STL

JSPB3D trigger.STL

JSPB3D guard.STL
Breech block.STL
lock plate.STL

3D Printr settings:
I used the layer of 0.25mm and 0.6mm of the nozzle,
Basically, this model is fairly easy to print and does not require supporting materials.
In Asia to get CPVC SCH40 is difficult, here are the use of CNS specifications,
Later I ordered the HERSHY CPVC4120 SCH40 on the Internet ,so I actually tested it
Tolerance issues:
Too tight part can use the hammer to knock into, too loose place can increase the thickness with PTFE TAPE,
Model tube through the place where most of the design groove, you can also plug O-Ring,
There is another way is to use screws to fix.


Part list:


ABS rod  Φ5mm
SCH40 1/2"
SCH40 3/4"
PETG 1/2"
CHECK VALVE 1/2"  x2
PU-Tube 8X12mm 
OS   3/4"
1/2" Elbow   x2
3/4" Cap 
7X1.9  O-Ring
16X1.9  O-Ring
24X16X2 Rubber washer
Screws 5/32 X 1/4
Screws 5/32 X 5/8
AB Glue

1/2"  Tee 
1/2" Cap
Cable tie 
PTFE tape
Air flow direction:



using screwdriver and a hammer to chisel a path to add more airway:







20 July 2015 - 12:42 AM

Hello every one!
This is a new way to make darts
Made dart any tima any where, simple, Unplugged!
This is what I made zlin tool, there is a free 3D model download.

HERE: http://www.jspb3d.com/free-models.html

Currently the use of rubber,Resistance is relatively large, lightweight
Correction result FFKM O-Ring ,Heavier, more smooth.

VIDEO,Cut foam Fast:

By the way, This is my Recent Work:


Partially used 3d printing
System: air compressor
Clip: inline clip
load darts: 11 ~ 12mm

Angle [Average]:
zlin dart = 68.9 feet
Stefans = 88.2 feet
Nerf N-Strike Elite Universal Suction = 92.1 feet
N-STRIKE ELITE = 110.24 feet

thank you for your time!