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Adding Another Spring To The Recon

31 December 2007 - 01:48 AM

1. Unscrew middle yellow piece in stock.
2. Cut down a piece of 1.5" thin-wall PVC (or anything else with an ID larger than your spring), and trim one end so that it can fit in the stock.
3. Shove a spring in there. I used a full AR-15 spring.
4. You're done!

With a really short Stefan, I got around 30-35' flat. Now all it needs is a better barrel. I'm also really liking the extra weight behind the handle.

The parts:
Posted Image

The notch:
Posted Image

The finished product:
Posted Image

Easy Recon Trigger Mod

27 December 2007 - 03:13 AM

I felt the Recon's trigger had too much travel, so I shortened it. I wrapped a couple pieces of Popsicle sticks in duct tape and stuck this in front of the trigger. As you can see, this is where a part of the magazine lock was. I left one side of my bundle sticky so that it would adhere to the inside of the gun. The trigger is right next to the catch plate now. Travel was reduced by ~3/8"
Posted Image

PS - No, there's really no need to be able to yank out the magazine when the bolt's closed, yet.