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JShobPhree Agent

Hey, I can't post on your thing yet, but I want to buy 2 recon barrels, 2 recon stocks, 1 nite finder, strongarm, pulsator, maverick, 2 secret shots, and the sm1500. Can you do 40 shipped to 92782? please pm me and i can pay through paypal. Thanks
Apr 25 2014 10:11 PM

hoongfuPhree Agent

If you still want to crash at my place you can. Just let me know.
Feb 05 2013 06:01 PM

ChaosPropelPhree Agent

Hey man, just wanted to wish you a (early) Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one; we'll have to hold a proper bday celebration at NENO!
Nov 10 2011 05:56 PM