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In Topic: Larping Weapons

19 January 2009 - 08:56 AM

Iron liege makes nice looking weapons. If you can afford one, and if you are willing to wait until they get around to you, You can get a nice looking weapon. Many LARPs don't allow them because the thrust tip is almost non existent, and they are really hard. Also they are latex weapons, which means once anything happens to one they are useless, as they are really hard to repair, unlike foam and tape boffer type weapons. I have seen folks spend the hundreds of dollars they charge for them to have them get broken before the end of the first event of use, and I have seen them get turned away because they don't pass a games safety check in, but they are pretty.

I own 2 of his weapons. They're not all latex. Infact, only the pummel and the guard are latex, the blade itself is actually covered in fabric. As for a thrust tip, you're right and the maker warns against thrusting with these weapons, however he does offer an upgrade to your custom weapon that includes a thrust tip. You're also right in that should the weapon be damaged you can't repair it by slapping some more duct tape on it. I think that ironliege offers a repair service for his weapons though...

I imagine that since it's custom work, if you really wanted a blade covered in duct tape he'd be willing to do that for you...

In Topic: Larping Weapons

17 January 2009 - 04:22 PM

Well I cant post a link to the rules system doc that I'm working on as it's set to invite only. (dont want any one stealing my ideas before I get the game rolling) but if you're interested in checking it out send me a PM and I'll invite you. Do bear in mind that it is still very much in it's infancy.

Also, for LARP weapons without equal I recommend ironliege.com. I've bought a few weapons from him now and when my new game takes off will likely buy more.

In Topic: Looking For Help Developing A Nerf Based Larp System

05 January 2009 - 04:40 PM

As it happens, I can think of some relevant LARPs whose rulesets you ought to familiarize yourself with.

The first is The Isles, which is an nTeraction/Accelerant LARP, founded by Ford Ivey back about four or five years ago. NERF weaponry features heavily in an effort to rep flintlock-style firearms. The current rules are at http://www.kzinhome.net/isles/

There's also EndGame, with which I am less familiar, which is sort of an alien/zombie holocaust LARP, so again, lots of NERF.

There's also The Osiris Sanction, which is more of an ARG (when it actually runs, which it hasn't in a couple of years) but uses AirSoft for the "Virtual" segments.

Interesting, I'll check them out thanks!

Although I don't do any LARP games, I have found from experience that often less rules make things better.
That is not always the case, but less rules seems to be the best way to go in this instance. The current rules divised look much more simple than LARP rules in the posted link. The less you have to stop and calculate the better. Things should flow much more smoothly with less calculation and more action.

That's my intent, I figure that the steeper the learning curve for new players, the less likely they are to stick around.

In Topic: Looking For Help Developing A Nerf Based Larp System

05 January 2009 - 08:56 AM

What does "LARP" mean.

It's short for Lame Ass Real Pretend or something. Watch the movie Monster Camp if you want to feel good about yourself. I was trying to make a "Larper's will never get laid" joke, but I couldn't think of anything with the letters.

You don't have to everybody knows it's true.

Wow, somebody's got a lot of hate. I guess every forum needs it's trolls. Probably stems from some jerk in renfaire garb taking his lollipop. Though from reading through the forum prior to posting, I fully expected something from OMC. In fact, I would have been shocked if he didn't add a hateful comment.

We respect Nerf, why won't anyone respect LARP? We don't drive around calling you guys dorks or little kids. Why don't you just keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say (your mother should have taught you that)?! PLEASE DON'T BE A JERK BECAUSE OF PEOPLES INTERESTS AND HOBBIES (your mothers should have taught you that, too)!


Just let it slide man, there are always going to be people that feel the need to make others feel small in order to make themselves feel big. Ever since that one video on YouTube with the lightning bolt kid, LARP has been an easy target. Though before that D&D players were easy targets too. Typically any thing that requires imagination as a fundamental part of a recreational activity is subject to ridicule. It's a part of life. Retaliation flames just feed he troll, not worth it.

For what you're talking about, I think it would be simplest to stick with stock guns, because you don't have to do any sort of judgement calls on whether a mod is "too much". Anyway, for indoor play, most stock guns would get pretty acceptable ranges out of the box.

well, you've sold me. Though I may allow the removal or air restrictors since that's a fairly easy mod to do. Based on what you said I think I may limit the ammo to stock ammo so that there is uniformity there and no worry about weighted stefans taking someone's kidneys out.

It sounds like a lot going on in a real-time environment. Essentially, you'd be talking about A Nerf war, but having to keep track of three different kinds of ammo, and where you got hit. It's not math, but it would still be a lot to keep track of if things got hectic.

while that may be true, it's still a lot simpler than the standard LARPs using hit points, damage modifiers, differing amounts of damage, different kinds of damage... etc..

How did you see magic being used in this system? As in, on an offensive level (I cast Magic Missile!), or as an aid to the firefight (healing/armor/protection). There's other ways you could use it, but they'd be more difficult to implement in a real-time environment.

Yeah, I've played with several of those 'other ways'... In my system, magic would be kept pretty simple, much like the combat system. There are no 'magic missiles' or 'lightning bolts', but there are some simple combat effective effects. For example there is a telekinesis branch that allows you to peg a target with a bean bag while calling 'back 5' and the target moves backward 5 steps. Similar are the 'forward, left, and right' commands. There is a hold command that will 'freeze' your target like a statue, but in order to pull it off you have to peg them with 4 bean bags in a row. There is a 'mind shackle' type of command that will make your target fight for your side... the only "spell" that I have that could actually cause damage to a player is 'fire' and that consists of a can of pink silly string that will cause the same amount of damage as a class 1 round if not removed within 10 seconds. There is more of course, but all of it changes the combat dynamic rather than actually causing or protecting from damage.

In Topic: Looking For Help Developing A Nerf Based Larp System

02 January 2009 - 01:56 PM

Hmm, I play that kinda Nerf with my dad, my little brother, and my friends. Those rules sound good and similar to ours.


PS: I pm'd you my email.

you guys wear armor and swing a sword in addition to firing a maelstrom of nerf projectiles? if that's true, you have the coolest dad ever. ;)

My ultimate goal is play as a character remarkably similar to Snake Eyes and not do any math while fighting. No system I've found yet will let me do that, so I'm making my own. ^_^