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Nerf Sweepstakes On Cartoon Network

28 February 2007 - 05:29 PM

I recently saw another Nerf/Toonami sweepstakes. If you thought last year's was good, you won't believe this ;)

Grand prize: Every N-Strike and Dart Tag set out in stores! Plus, you get 1000 Tagger Darts!
Second Prize: A Dart Tag Strikefire set

I would assume most of you won't beleive me, but I'll try to make a (terrible quality) video of it if I see it again. Someone lese who watches Toonami will see it soon enough. Call it bullsh*t all you want, but soon enough someone else will see it.

Buzzbee Mustang Six Reveiw

12 November 2006 - 06:29 PM

I was at Kmart to check if any of the new Buzzbee guns were out, and I was surprised to see the Mustang Six. I got it for $9.99. This was the one I was hoping to find, I like the shell guns. Kind of useless, but great to fool around with.

The first thing I noticed was that they redesigned the shells. The smaller end tapers off into instead of a having the lif to gri onto the spring. Upon further inspection (when they were held up to a light), I noticed that they have a spring loaded platform to give the darts a little push. I compared the two shells with the same darts, and the new ones worked a lot better.

Onto the gun. It has a button on the right side to eject the shells. You load the loaded shells into the little hole on the left, pull the lever, and add another. The release button retracts a little piece that is angled on one end to let the shells in, but not out.

When I fired, I was almost startled at the force that the little dart smacked into my window. I haven't tested ranges, but it's very powerful. Now you cock again, open the shell hatch, push the button, and the empty shell will eject and slide to the left about a 45* angle. Then you repeat until the chanber is empty Alternately, you can leave the shells in and reload from the front of the barrel.

Overall, it's not really useful in a war, since you have to worry about the shells. Although you could leave them in and use it like a maverick, so it could be nice in a war if you leave them in. The little door that clicks in and out in fron of the shell port can be annoying to open and close, but when you leave it open it swings around and just looks downright ugly. It's probably worth removing. I'm not sure about modding power, but if you were to single barrel it, it might have some real potential. It's mainly another novelty gun like the other shell guns from Buzzbee. It's really getting me thinking what Buzzbee will do with their shells next, maybe a clip fed pistol?   :-D

- Very powerful
- Easy to cock
- The option to leave the shells in
- Fun to just mess around with

- Shells usually hit you when ejecting
- Shell door gets in way
- Shells a pain to reload and insert
- Small handle