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Magstrike Internals 101 & Minimization Tutorial

20 February 2015 - 09:24 AM

I realize this is a long video but it is meant to be a complete walkthrough with detailed explanation to help beginners on how to minimize the magstrike to use with external air tanks and bladders. I explain my process and reasoning for how I approach this mod. I opted to not use a dremel or powertools because I realize not everyone has access to these tools. If you go to the video link, there are timestamps on the description to jump to different parts.

Twin Magstrike & Strongarm Integration

08 September 2014 - 03:03 PM

Greetings! Jediaelthwise here with some upgrades to my twin magstrike mod. I've seen a number of mods using the firefly shell for a stock and decided it would make for a good replacement for my previous model of the twin magstrike that used a recon stock. This magstrike build goes with my air tank modfor those that are unfamiliar.

I also picked up a strong-arm for $1 at my local salvation army and decided I wanted a single shot option as well that didn't use air pressure mounted onto my gun. So the following are the results of my efforts.

It fits very comfortably in my hands the stock is perfect. It holds extra darts and my light battery pack. It is much more secure and I can clip a strap to it much better than the previous version. The strong-arm is solid as well. I used plastic epoxy for attaching all the shells together. I dremelled some access holes in the bottom part of the firefly to run all the magstrike hose internally this time. I can remove either the tape or the firefly battery cover to access the hosing connections inside if I need to. The connection for the air tank comes very neatly out the back of the firefly stock to attach into my bicep regulator. I am pretty happy with how this come out and can't wait to use it in my next game.

Feel free to leave a comment here or on my youtube channel.

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Twin Magstrike Build

22 March 2014 - 12:33 PM

Greetings everyone! I have been working on creating my final primary build for HvZ with my ongoing magstrike builds. I have completed it now!

Basically I have use my complete minimization on both guns and have relocated the trigger farther forward for the side-mounted gun. I have also added in a stock.

Posted Image

Video Demonstration

[WIP] Triple Magstrike side-by-side integration

12 January 2014 - 06:25 PM

Greetings everyone! Jediael here again with my final build WIP for my final HvZ game.

I am crafting my ultimate gun for my final game and I am going for broke and going super ridiculous while still being highly functional.

I have extremely slim-lined my modded magstrike into an integration friendly form. These pictures show my build process for it. I plan on mounting a second one on the other side.

Posted Image

The idea is to have a stock magstrike as the base (acts as a backup in case of air tank failure and also to conserve air tank reserves). Both modded guns will be fed from a wye connector that feeds both from the air tank. I am currently working on a custom trigger mechanism so I can trigger them separately. Those plans and builds will be forthcoming.


Build process:

Unscrewed both guns to remove internals to prep for first integration.

Posted Image

I have both shells here and I am screwing them together in key locations for stability but also where they don't hit any internals.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Screwed holes to access screw holes of stock gun.

Posted Image

Putting screws back in.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Putting internals back and reassembling.

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Designing a double trigger

15 November 2013 - 01:32 PM

Greetings everyone. I am stuck on how to carry out an idea I have currently and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I am trying to devise a double trigger mechanism to trigger two magstrikes separately but from one handle. I am planning to take the firing mechanism of 2 magstrikes and mount them in a side by side configuration and hook them both into a single handle with two triggers that actuate each separately from each other.

This is the trigger mechanism I am working with.

Posted Image

One of my ideas was to stack the two valves horizontal onto each other and then have a trigger over each of the orange trigger pieces.

My problem is how to craft a custom handle and trigger parts to accomplish this? I look at the walkthrough of replicating parts with resin and thought maybe I could extrapolate from that and create custom housings for the valves and triggers, but I'm not sure how solid it would be.

If you can decipher my rough sketches, maybe it'll give you a better idea of what I'm after.

Posted Image

A more ambitious idea would be to feed both into a single trigger thru a solenoid valve that would electronically switch between feeds based on a sensor detecting when the magazine was spent, but I don't have the money to be doing something that intricate at the moment.

Any suggestions folks? Thanks