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27 January 2009 - 11:57 AM

sneak peek

A couple of things I've been working on for the longest time but never bothered to upload. There won't be more of this until summer, because I'm back at school again................

First, a revision of my pump-action magazine fed homemade from about a year ago. When I first designed the gun, my intent was to make my own magazines out of folded steel flashing, music wire, and PVC, but the process turned out to be much too time-consuming and hard to repeat consistently. Even though the shells were cool, I didn't feel like making and picking them up all day, so I decided instead to use more widely available longshot magazines.

Posted Image

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This was made about a bit over month ago, but I didn't have easy access to a camera until a few days ago. As, you can see, there were some slight changes in design from the CAD stage to the fabrication stage, this was due the impromptu addition of random features such as the folding stock (just for badassed-ness) and my not knowing exactly what all I had to work with. The stock is also padded for user comfort, while cocking that massive +bow spring back.

Same as last time, this gun was design with ease of fabrication and mass-production in mind. I incorporated a threaded adapter on the front of the gun for quick and easy barrel swapping in order to accommodate different styles of darts, and although it is not seen in the 3d model (in order to save time), the barrel mechanism is also spring-loaded to provide a more positive seal around the conical bolt face.

Other features include the threaded plug at the rear of the reciever. This allows the spring to be easily removed or swapped out and also allows direct access to the internals for the application of lubricant (I use air tool oil). In this design I used cup styled seals for the plunger and bolt involving neoprene washers sandwiched in between fender washers or PVC for a much better seal than o-rings due to the slightly uneven nature of the inner pipe-surface. When I go back home for the summer I may just build add a bayonet mount and stick a full-sized foam sword on the end just because. Then the gun will be a freaking monster.

I know someone will ask about RANGES so here it goes:

I used a +bow mainspring, almost fully compressed (really hard to do), and over a foot of nice and snug fitting barrel for my darts.

Go figure.

Other things.......

Some of you who actually read may have seen this before, most people I expect probably haven't

click here for the thread.

Pneumatic Nerf "Grenade"

Posted Image

Reusable, operates with a precharged pressure chamber in the tail section and a replaceable burst disk (see threaded coupler). Relies on a frontal impact kind of like the scatter blast, but more sensitive and with MUCH better spread (15-20 ft all directions).

It carries a payload of 32 nano-darts, and since me and my friends play with homemade felt scoring vests and homemade velcro darts (to eliminate really dumb outs from hand and foot shots and for more positive in/out status), I've begun loading these with velcro tipped nano-darts.

Also, notice how excellently the front is padded, I wonder what that could mean.........................

INCOMPLETE- Summer 2008
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Posted Image

The finished launcher will fire the grenades rear-loaded with foam cup sabots. It will also have a ridiculous amount of pressure restriction so that it will never reach harmful velocities and if anything, the grenade weighs less than a football and is much more padded than one, so if you've ever been hit by/caught/etc. a football before, you should be just fine.

The revised design for this will have enlarged fins, a slightly longer tail section, angled barrels for better spread, and foam coverings for ALL exposed PVC.

I might try and incorporate a matched RSCB spotting gun into the final design just for kicks and maybe to operate almost as a secondary fire function, but I won't be able to do anything until summer, so only time will tell...........


I'm sorry Slug, but this guy might give you some competition (sp?). Anyhoo, sweet guns and grenade-thingy! :D

Haha, thanks. I'm glad you like my stuff, but quite honestly I'm nowhere as good as him.

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04 October 2008 - 12:52 PM

Woowwwwww, nice find!

I was actually working on something pretty similar to this until school happenned. Now I'm like ~150 miles away from all my works in progress....

Posted Image

That pictures kinda old and the version 2 I made is even more padded and features larger tail fins due to a redesign of the launcher/ discarding sabot system and angled "mini-barrels" to get better spread. It's more of the direct-fire variety and even though I'd finished developing the rounds, I didn't want to post anything until I had the entire launcher system up and running.

The pneumatic "rocket" round uses a replaceable burst disk mechanism that you pre-charge with compressed air, and like the scatter blast, is triggered by a frontal impact. The difference is, mine spits out a blast of 32 nano instead. The blast radius is pretty decent; I set one off in my garage by dropping it straight down and the nanos pretty much shot straight outwards towards all the walls, some bouncing back and others getting mixed up with all the crud on my shelves and work table.

Back on topic, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! I was so pissed at myself yesterday b/c me and a group of friends took the bus to some Korean restaurant and after we ate there was an HEB across the street, so we went inside and I freaking went through the toy section and halloween crap and didn't see this. I really want to go back, but the bus ride was over half an hour and it kinda made me want to puke, b/c I get carsick if I'm not the driver.

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19 March 2008 - 10:02 PM

I'm doing something like this except with a titan pump. I lost the little black piece that connects the tank to the spring and white piece, though.

Your videos didn't work for me. Firefox maybe?

Do you get decent ranges, or is the seal shit? That the problem I'm having now.

Ranges aren't bad and the seal is pretty much the same as before. All I did was cut off the rest of the plunger chamber and direct the vinyl tubing through it into the back of the white piece.

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01 March 2008 - 03:30 AM

This is more like it. Same thing, but at a much better price. I bought one of these last month with the intention of putting a nerf sized barrel on it, but I have higher priorities to deal with first. The internals aren't bad for our purposes, and once that barrel's stuck on it should be a pretty killer gun for cheap.

In Topic: Pneumatic Blow (air) Gun Tool

29 February 2008 - 12:59 AM

Don't bother, I tried that a while back and it simply doesnt have a high enough flow rate to throw the dart more than 20ft with a nice barrel. I just now tried it again with my HPA setup putting out @ 90 psi and got the same results. I know that somewhere on one of those spudding websites there are instructions on how to mod blowguns to increase their output by a little, but it's still not enough to serve as the firing mechanism on an air powered gun. You're probably better off using them to vent a larger valve (modified solenoid sprinkler valve or piston valve).
This is a pretty good example of what I'm talking about. Hope it helps.