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31 August 2017 - 02:32 PM



Rapid Red Shell Integration, LEDs and Mods

Blasters involved: Rapid Red and Distruptor 

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30 June 2017 - 03:04 AM


  1. Brushless motors don't have the metal/carbon brushes that traditional brushed motors have. Most aftermarket cages are designed to accommodate stock-geometry (traditional) motors, and thus cannot accommodate brushless motors. Your Meishel motors are brushed and will fit in most any cage. You don't want a canted cage, those impart spin which hasn't been shown to improve anything about the dart trajectory.
  2. Hooligan or Containment Crew are the current top performers IIRC, with worker and artifact being solid choices. I've seen reports of overtight fit from hooligan. You don't want metal or toothed wheels.

Make sure your battery is up to running Meishels - they're Amp hogs, stalling at more than double the amps a Rhino does each. You need two motors, so you're talking ~37 amps at stall (vs. ~16 for rhinos).


due to im using it on a Rapid Red, i choose a smaller battery: https://hobbyking.co...?___store=en_us . Not sure if it will works well. may i know is that 37 amps is refer to constant or burst?



Capacity: 950mAh
Voltage: 2S1P / 2 Cell / 7.4V
Discharge: 25C Constant / 50C Burst

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26 June 2017 - 01:23 PM

I just requested to join the group.

Currently im studying in Southern Illinois University Carbondale and also having a hard time to start a nerf war here. Im willing to come Bloomington and volunteer for any help if you need.

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26 June 2017 - 12:52 PM

I am in  illinois 

Sorry just opened Nerf Haven and saw your post. May I have your information like Facebook and which part of the state through PM? I will add you into the group

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04 June 2017 - 11:23 AM


I was not dividing. Capacity (Ah) multiplied by C-rating = Current


950mAh (milliamp-Hours) /1000= 0.95Ah (amp-hours)


0.95Ah*50C = 47.5 amps provided by the battery


50C (47.5Amps) is the burst rating of the battery. That means it's okay for the motors to require 47.5amps for a short period of time.



Two Meishel2.0 motors= 37.6 Amps total required at stall


The motors will only need 37.6 Amps for 1 or 2 seconds when you first turn them on, or if a dart is stuck in them and you keep trying to spin them.


37.6Amps required is less than 47.5Amps provided by the battery, so it is okay. The bigger the difference, the better.


If they were the same, or if the battery provided less Amps than required, it will damage the battery. 


The 950mAh battery should be okay. Just watch that it does not start to swell or get too hot,


Also, after rewiring make sure to test with regular batteries (like AAs) first instead of the LiPo. You could solder an extra JST connector to the stock battery try before you hack up the stock battery try. Test the blaster to make sure the regular batteries don't get hot or anything. Regular batteries getting hot could mean they are being shorted. If you short a LiPo it will catch fire.

Thanks you're a good teacher!!! I just ordered all the material online and I will be start modding on Wednesday! :D