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#358001 Paper barrels/ mega-> elite converter

Posted by Bryansuh on 16 February 2017 - 09:25 AM

For people like me, who don't know how to brass a barrel, don't have power tools, don't have a hardware store nearby....

Its SUPER simple. All you need is A4s, 1 elite dart, electrical tape, and any mega blaster

1. Cut 2 A4s in half. The hotdog way.
2. Roll 3 of those 4 halves tightly. The 4th one, you can throw away or use to make another.
3. Stick an elite in there. Adjust the tightening as required.
4. Tape it so it doesn't come apart. Go all the way around, all the way down.
5. Roll 1 end a bunch of times with tape. Just enough to be able to stuff the tube into the blaster.
6. Cut about 5 1 inch strips, then cut them the long way.
7. Use those strips to seal one end of the tube (the same one from #5). You shouldn't be able to see paper from that end. The sealed end is the part that goes into the blaster.

Voila basic converter. You may need to make multiple because they are kinda hard do master at first. But it's basically free, so you can't complain XD

PS. This is only the basics.
For things like the cyclone shock, make 6 of them and cut em. Or measure the needed length and cut them.

Mega magnus, you either have to cut the tube, or remove the thing that prevents your dart from falling out while priming.

Will work on big shock and probably the hot shock. Don't have any other megas to test.

This will NOT let you use mags. Single shot only.
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#356640 I'm Scared My Gun Might Blow Up In My Face

Posted by Bryansuh on 05 November 2016 - 11:46 PM

do any of you have guns with beefed up springs? of course you do. thats why you are here on this site, on this forum. but do any of your guns scare you? like 'dayum if this plastic gives, somebody might get hurt.'. If you have any id like to know what gun, spring/ airtank you are using


personally what scares me is my triad. that might sound silly but wait for it... there are THREE decently powerful springs in there. a jolt spring, a retaliator and a firestrike. it is actually harder to prime than my strongarm or my magnus. I DONT HAVE ANY EPOXY OR ANY KIND OF SUPPORT. if the screws come loose, then im screwed XD pun intended.


if any of you are curious about how i fit the springs in there, its really easy. grind the inside of the plunger head with sand paper till the firestrike spring can fit and squish easily. then add the jolt and the retaliator and assemble. BAM you have a hand cannon.


which guns scare you the most? personally i think a crazy guy on youtube called joergsprave has all the air tank posts beat. his airzooka can hold so much air, the moisture inside the air condenses into a cloud as it is released. i know its not a nerf gun, but dayum that thing can shoot.




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#356382 Slugs, Slugs, and more Slugs Questions

Posted by Bryansuh on 23 October 2016 - 10:12 AM

This might not be what you had in mind, but I made pretty dangerous slugs once.
It's super simple

What you need
Hands, glue (I used superglue), decent dart, large screw (mine was leftovers from an IKEA table)

1. Use hands to remove rubber tip from dart.
2. Glue up the screw
3. Insert screw
4. Remember not to shoot anywhere near something valuable, or a living creature

It has terrible range but within like 10,15 feet the results are devastating. You might need to beef up your gun before using these. Also rifling not recommended as the metal might screw it up (haha see what I did there)

Anyway these are probably not war practical or war legal. Or just plain legal.
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