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Solder: Lead vs Lead Free

09 June 2016 - 06:07 AM

I see multiple mentions on this forum such as this one and other mentions online such as this one where the mod in question uses lead-free solder, and was curious as to why lead-free is used in mods. 

I researched to find differences between the solder alloys I have used in the past to solder various things (tin/lead 60/40) and have found that lead-free is harder to melt and is grainy when cooled, and as such cannot think of why someone would want to use it over tin/lead or some other combination. 

I considered the fact that people may worry about (their health?) lead in the solder, but I'm fairly sure this point is moot if you are soldering properly with proper gear. 

So please, tell me what solder you use in your builds, and why. 


Alternatively/Additionally, take this strawpoll for a more analytical approach as to who uses what:



Edit: fixed a grammatical error

Circuit Question/ Swapping between power supply

08 June 2016 - 08:16 AM

     As stated in a previous thread, I am working on a stryfe mod, and am attempting to make use of both an external NiMH battery pack and the stock AA tray as a backup "emergency power" mode to switch to for the blaster once the NiMH is dry. I have little to no previous experience creating electrical circuits, and would like feedback regarding possible issues with my circuit, and/or recommendations to achieve what I am trying to do. 

     Sorry in advance for shitty paint diagram. 

 My main question is about the region the arrow points to, and whether or not the battery pack not currently actuated to will interfere with the one that is. 

Edit: I realize the rocker is not drawn as its individual circuits, but it is a DPDT rocker switch, I just drew the terminals


Wiring/Microswitch Question

07 June 2016 - 07:18 AM

I am currently working on a stryfe mod that involves this battery, I plan on using it in conjunction with MTB Honeybadger motors. However, not knowing much about electrical mods, I have no idea which wire I should use for this mod, as I was told a rewire was necessary for the parts I am using. 

Additionally,I noticed many mods include a microswitch addition to replace the old stryfe switch, but I have only seen this been done on 3s Lipo mods. Will such a thing be required for this mod, and if so, which switch?


TL;DR, what wires and switch(if any) to use?


*Note: I know the battery is massive, I plan to mount it on a worker stock

Firefly Spring replacement Question

22 May 2016 - 07:06 AM

I'm working on a firefly overhaul and I had a question about a replacement spring. My worry is that with a too powerful spring, the plunger tube might crack at the back. (Picture below)
Attached File  image.jpg   89.25KB   42 downloads

So my question is have any of you replaced a firefly spring, or have a suggestion of which spring to use that would be more powerful than stock, yet wouldn't damage the plunger tube?

Stock spring dimensions:
11/16" OD
3.5" Original Length

Note: I've searched the forums and Google and have found nothing related to a firefly spring replacement that won't damage the plunger tube, the firefly doesn't have much feedback.