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Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

29 March 2016 - 01:17 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new here.

I have a question, and I havn't been able to find an answer

on the web, or by searching this forum.


I'm looking for a nerf gun that is the most accurate and consistent shot

out there.  I understand nerf toys are basically children's toys, but I also

feel there is some potential for accuracy, either commercially available nerf guns,

or modded or home made foam dart guns.


I am essentially looking for a foam dart rifle which handles and aims 

realistically, and can be used for in-home target practice/plinking. 


I ordered a Nerf Jolt EX-1 pistol from amazon, and am impressed with

its accuracy. I've managed to hit a small medicine bottle 16 out of 20 shots

at a distance of 15 feet using the supplied whistler darts.  Theoretically, if I added rifle

furniture; a stock which could be shouldered, more robust and properly calibrated sights, and a fore-grip which would be held, it would make for a decent inside-the house plinker.


I will happily craft the essential parts onto the Jolt Ex-1 if needed. I can add a plastic

rifle stock, a fore-grip and sights, if that's what I need to do. But I'm hoping for a better

base option.  My jolt is accurate, but not as accurate as I would like.

The Jolt Ex-1 is just an inexpensive nerf toy. I imagine what a higher quality, well constructed

foam dart is capable of, even amongst the nerf line.  It doesn't need to be multi-shot,

loading the dart on each shot is fine for me, as long as it meets the 

accuracy criteria.


Ideally, if any of you can recommend a nerf blaster which is even better in this 

regard, that would be a good first step.

I have no idea how to mod nerf guns, and I'd prefer not have to do so, as

my motivations are not as much the hobby of modding the gun, rather than

the end user product.

I've seen youtube videos and sites with completely home made

foam dart guns, and that seems like the best possible route to take.

I'm not super capable of constructing something like this, unless I could

dedicate a lot of time to the project, I would rather just buy one from

someone who could make a quality piece.

Any advice?