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In Topic: Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

24 May 2016 - 02:27 AM

Play with long barreled designs,  this one has been shooting wild at the last few wars, Ever since I went twin Longshot springs (OMW 8 Kg and Xplorer 18 Kg)  but I finally got her dialed in and the darts stable.  I just threw an orange plastic tip on it last week.   The right darts and 3.6 Joules or so can do wonders, but don't use this to dick around with your friends, you'll welt them pretty bad, but NIC wars, ok.  This was a response to a kid claiming a unmodded stryfe with a scope was $n!per, I had to break it to him....





I would have no idea how to begin to accomplish this, as the extent of my modding experience

are shown in my photos above.   Could I purchase this model from a modder somewhere?  


Could I have actual rifle iron sights instead of a scope?

In Topic: Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

24 May 2016 - 12:50 AM

What sort of projectiles does it fire? Is it charged by a charging handle or does it use a cord like a crossbow?


I wanted to post an update to my Nerf Blaster search.
The past time I posted was several months ago. I tried the Sentinel. I must have gotten a lemon, because despite it's strong power, it was horribly inaccurate. I was impressed with the accuracy of the Nerf Zeuss, but it wasn't consistent enough. Shots would fire in a somewhat disperse pattern around the target, but still not TOO bad. I hypothesized that this lack of shot consistency was due to holding down the rev button which produced shots are varying velocities depending on where it was in its rev cycle. My Jolt Ex-1 still held the record for the most accurate blaster I own.
I only today unboxed my Nerf Apollo, and after trying, I was extremely impressed with it's accuracy. It seems noticeably more accurate than the Zuess.  The shots are more consistent, and appear to group closer together at ranges less than 20 feet. This is my initial impression as I still have more shooting to do with it, especially at greater distances.  I attribute this improved consistency due to the fact that each shot seems to fire with equal power. The fact that each shot is manually charged, it allows for greater consistency shot to shot than the battery powered Zeuss.  If this accuracy continues, and I can get even more precise shots with the addition of sights, the Apollo may very well dethrone my Jolt Ex-1 as most accurate blaster I own!   :D



Maybe there's just such a low amount of power, but my jolts I've never tinkered too much with. I mean, they work when I need them too, which is a conceal carry for dicking around at a friends place to start a small war. 

Hmm. I feel like the Jolt Ex-1 has good power. It hurts when my gf shoots me with it. So I bought another one to return fire!
But seriously, I'll aim for 2 inch squared, targets at 20 feet or more or less, and almost always get hits provided I take my time and remain consistent. Try this next time. The stock sights, while rudimentary, work well for it's purpose. If I were to mod it, I would add slightly taller rear sights for the ranges I want to shoot (I often have to aim/hold high to get hits, but I do so consistently from shot to shot). I'm a formally trained and proficient rifle marksman, so that plays a part.
I am actually thinking about an ambitious project where I turn the basic orange Jolt Ex-1 into a full size rifle with a stock and rifle 
sights and everything, just to see out precise I can aim with it!  There are better modding options with my Zeuss and Apollo, thus far, but I think the Jolt has potential. 

In Topic: Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

23 May 2016 - 11:52 PM

Lol, does that say Mega BDSM?  Sorry... I didn't mean to get side tracked. 


So does that function like a cross bow? Does it fire foam darts, or real darts?

In Topic: Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

23 May 2016 - 03:59 PM

Crikey, mate!
Your cardboard 'n' duct tape prototype looks killer! For a rear sight, I'd recommend you upset a centimetre or a quarter-inch (I know they aren't equal, just close enough ) of McDonald's soft-drink straw. (Larger bore than most soda straws, and you can get a decently large drink for $1 USD.
To elevate it to line up, use popsicle stocks and duct tape. That way, you get some cool treats to enjoy while modding!



Thanks, lol.  

I have absolutely zero experience doing this. I bought my first nerf rifle a few months ago, and this was the first and thus far, only ad hoc mod I've

done using materials I found in my house and my personal knowledge of rifles. I'm sort of reinventing the wheel as I have yet to learn any real modding 


In Topic: Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

23 May 2016 - 03:16 PM

A photo showing the front sight.


While this is clearly a rough prototype, it allows me to determine proper length or pull and sight picture. This feels comfortable for me to shoulder and sight in, so a future version would be a completed model with solid plastic parts, but using these dimenstions.