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Is That Possible: Darts Propelled Too Much ?

05 April 2005 - 12:40 PM

after testing a lot with the darts and Stefans, it seems that sometimes the darts can
receive too much energy, especialy when used with my Nite Finder mod (description in
another thread). The effect is the following: they leave the barrel and start to spin
around like crazy. A short moment after that they stabelize themselves and and fly like
they should. The main problem is the spinning, it burns to much of the energy. The
effect gets greater when the dart fits tighter in the barrel, thats why I think they are
propably too much propelled. In addition to that it seems like the original Nite Finder
darts have a bigger diameter that the N-Strike darts. So the effects happens more
frequent with the Nite Finder darts.
In combat that could be very fatal, its like your dart spins around the demons brain after
hitting the wall behind him. And all of you know what happens with you after missing
your target --> SKIN OFF !!!
Maybe you had problems like this also, so I would like to hear your suggestions.

Nite Finder Mod, German Style ;)

05 April 2005 - 09:30 AM

First i like to thank the infinite shinding for shipping me the guns !! without his help it
were not possible for me to mod the nite finders.
ok, lets get started:
For my mod u need the following:

--> Hotglue
--> 2-component-glue
--> a Pepsi bottle B)
--> a harder spring
--> several files
--> 1/2" va-steel pipe
--> a tool to drill some holes

the mod is quite easy, you change the spring, take the lid of the bottle and drill a hole for the "streching-stick" (how would you guys call it ?) in the middle of it. remove that
overpressure valve inside the original tube, then saw off the smaller targeting part from
the tube. after all, you need to file the front nozzle to fit to the steel pipe. use a lot of
glue for all parts, because they are only sticked together. the new spring i use is so
strong, it would burt the whole gun otherwise..... here are some pictures:

here you see the targeting thing i sawed off and put it back in the gun...
Posted Image

here is a picture of the steel pipe i glued on the pressure tube:
Posted Image

use a lot of fat to smooth the way of the spring and to insulate the tube....
Posted Image

here i have the original and the new spring, furthermore you can see the pepsi-lid
Posted Image

another pic:
Posted Image

the filed nozzle:
Posted Image

the glued steel pipe:
Posted Image

and thats the baby after all modification done:
Posted Image

after all i have to say that with this mod i can shoot nearly twice the distance than
unmodded. the nite finder is a great gun for me !!!

i hope you understand what i wrote, because were a lot of words i dont knew.
i hope i used my new vocabs correct. feel free to PM me if something is not clear.

Greetings From Germany ;)

24 February 2005 - 01:51 PM


im new here, so first i like to introduce myself:
my name is Simon and im from germany. i love nerf guns and i ever
wished to have one. that was like 15 years ago... (is that possible ? cuz
i dont know when they first came up) but they were unreachable for me
(too expensive, parents etc.). then i forgot about them for years. yesterday
something happened: it was a cold, wet and snowy day. my girlfiried needed
some office stuff, so i decided to drive to the local walmart store. i went
through all the products and i discovered a cheap kind of foam gun. it costed
only 2 euro (about 3$) and i bought it ! at home i had a loooooooooot of fun
with that thing. but its small and inaccurate. but i remembered the past !!
and i remembered nerf !! i searched via google, yahoo and whatever but
no chance: no nerf guns seem to be sold in europe !!! they are not longer
available in europe. they only have that "vortex"-throw thing ?!?!
so i searched in ebay.com and i found them ! GREAT !!! today, money is not
longer a problem, parents either and i know: I MUST HAVE THOSE GUNS !!!!
i foung auctions about the air tech 3000 and the new maverick... furthermore
i read a lot of forum threads here. then i decided to register.
of couse i would like to profit from your infinite wisdom:
what gun would u suggest me ? the maverick or the air tech 3000 ?
maybe u know a good deal for beginners or even a good review site.
(i know, questions like those are asked like a million times and im sorry.
just dont answer if it makes you upset :( )
but here comes the master-question:
do you know any store in europe or a store which is shipping to europe ?

ok now you know who i am.....
and please: forgive my spelling and grammar errors, im not a native speaker
i hope my small knowlegde is good enough for my masters :(

may your wisdom shine upon my head !!! thanks !!