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In Topic: Greetings From Germany ;)

03 March 2005 - 03:31 AM

@The Infinite Shindig

i cant wait for it ! as you can guess i need those guns very bad ;)
in addition to that im quite greatful to hear that my english is ok.
right now im sitting in my english lesson at college ;) !!!! but it
bores me a lot.
however, let me know when you have time for me. again i would like
to know if you need something from europe/germany. maybe a bottle of
the weihenstephaner that a few guys over there love so much !
i think i should send you a little gift for the service you are doing for me.

thanks to all other for the warm welcome !!!

In Topic: Ages Of Nerfers

02 March 2005 - 04:26 PM

hehe.... im 26 !!!

you are right, weihenstephaner is GREAT. its available in a store down the street
where i live ;) ! weihenstephaner is a famous beer, because its the oldest
you can get. as far as i know they brew it since 1040AD.
i like the so called "kristall weizen". its filtered beer and looks crystal clear !
is great in summer, when the sun is burning and you are having a bbq.....
AAAAAHHHHHHHH, wonderful ;)

want to know more ?
they do also have a enlish translation !

furthermore, warsteiner is ok but not A+
whats fine is "Darmstädter", its brewed in the city i live. here in germany nearly
every city has ity own brewery. they often sell the beer only in their local county.
also close to the city i live, we have the "worlds biggest beer market"
(http://www.maruhn.de , no translation). they trade also american beer from
the united states, but dont be upset: "lone star beer" tastes like dish-washer-water.
one of the foreign beers i love is "newcaslte ale" from great britain.

In Topic: Language

02 March 2005 - 03:52 PM

hey chessler, you can talk KLINGON ??
KAPPLAH !!! (oder so ähnlich)

however, my second was english and my third was latin !!

In Topic: Greetings From Germany ;)

01 March 2005 - 01:17 AM

what the hell is "FUBAR" ?? sorry, thats not german ;)

"ich liebe mann möse" ??? want to know what that means ?
"I LOVE MAN PUSSY"... does not make any sense. tell me what you were
trying to say and i will give you a fine translation !!
by the way: "....were trying to say..." was that right grammar ?

im very happy that you guys welcome me so lovely :P

In Topic: Vinyl VS. Compact Disc

26 February 2005 - 05:05 PM

ok.... fixed it !!!