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Custom Motor Cage

15 August 2016 - 05:45 PM

So unfortunately my Rapid Strike died today .. Some kind of electrical fault. not sure what yet.


I should just buy another second hand rapid strike OR a new Hyperfire BUT the Hyperfire is just to hideous to look at and is huge so i can't bring myself to buy one.


Im considering replacing all of the logic within the RS ( now broken ) with an arduino which enables me to perform a few task i've always felt the RS should have.. EG pull trigger when fly wheels are stopped ... it starts the motors then starts shooting. And to OVER volt (14 +) all the motors for like a second to reduce spool up time.


The above should all be do able BUT the rapid strike is not accurate at all my sons Raven is much better. I see the new Hyperfire has a new cadge which has offset wheel to help rifle the rounds. I dont believe this is a new idea but it's new to Nerf.  I really want a off set cage to help with accuracy.


Does any one know if the Hyperfire's motor cage will drop right into the RS ? 


Also what i really want to know is if any one has a 3d model of the cage that i could 3d print i know there are these metal ones BUT these are incredibly expensive especially if you include the postage to New Zealand. so i'd just like to 3d print some.. Also a while back someone in germany tested what was the right offset but i can't find that anymore



Worker flywheels reviewed

03 November 2015 - 03:59 PM

Worker flywheels reviewed

Posted Image

I bought two sets of these. One set to go in my sons Raven and one set to go in my Rapid Strike.

I’m quite particular about ensuring that testing is performed in a controlled manor.
For this sake I have a high amp adjustable PSU which I soldered onto the Raven for testing to ensure I had exactly the same voltage (12v) thought my testing. I also have a chronograph to check for changes in FPS

The flywheels are very well made BUT unfortunately the Raven lost between 6-10 FPS using the Worker flywheels over using the stock flywheels (With nerf dart residue on them)

So it looks like i wasted my money on these and will return to the stock wheels

Stryfe FPS at different Voltages

26 January 2015 - 04:24 AM

Here Is my test bed. As you can see i have my stryfe setup to an adjustable PSU so i can adjust the voltage to common battery voltages and with the crhono i know what FPS im getting.

Actually it seems i can't attach images so i can't show you.

Here are the results

100% stock Stryfe

4.8v (4x1.2) = 52.5 fps
6.0v (4x1.5) = 63.4 fps
9.0v (1x9v) = 85.7 fps

Now with the locks and resistors removed but stock motors

4.8v (4x1.2) = 56.5 fps
6.0v (4x1.5) = 69.3 fps
9.0v (1x9v) = 90.4 fps
11.1v (3x3.7)= 99.7 fps
14.8v (4x3.7)= 96.8 fps

The interesting thing is the reduction at 14.8 the rounds just vary so much on a vertical plain that it was impossible to get one through the chrono without it hitting it.
Also based on the range test i could only get 1 out of a lot of shots to travel further than at 11.1v. It's possible that all of this would be "better" if an extended barrel was added.

I presume the fundamental problem is that at this voltage the motors are unable to keep their RPMs anywhere near the same to ensure a consistent vertical plain.

At this point i would go with three 3.7 14500 batteries (11.1v) and one spacer OR the "Safer" option of possibly using four 14500 lifepo4 3.2v (12.8v) but i didn't test that voltage.

I will now be replacing the motors with high performance 130 Atomic ball bearing motors. This should at least drastically reduce the noise the gun makes.