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29 August 2013 - 11:32 AM

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Sunday, September 15th at Greenfield Park - Park Dr, West Allis, WI 53227 (Across the lot from picnic area #3)

This is not your standard event. This is designed to be for some light HvZ/Rising/LARP combat practice/training as well.
So, many of those rules will apply - Safety orientation is mandatory before playing.

What to bring:
+ Stock and/or lightly modded blasters
+ At least one pistol for pistol rounds - 6rnd magazines may be used for magazine fed blasters instead.
+ Stock ammo strongly suggested - As this is the first event ever, our community bucket will be weak at best.
+ Melee weapons - Standard boffer construction rules apply. All weapons will be safety inspected before being allowed on the field and disallowed if deemed unsafe.
+ Eye protection is mandatory
+ Money and/or blasters to trade
+ Plenty of water (or whatever you prefer) is strongly suggested
+ Snacks and/or lunch
+ Appropriate clothing... or inappropriate clothing... or dress as an Anime character... We really don't care.

What to leave at home:
- Homemade and/or overpowered blasters
- Slugs/Stefans/Glue domes or stock darts modified to hurt more
- Blasters painted all black, silver, or any form of camouflage that looks too "realistic"
- Bad attitudes
- Kids younger than 13 years of age unless accompanied by an adult
- Real weapons

...more information to come shortly.