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An overview and mod guide for the new Buzzbee blastzooka eXtreme

02 August 2014 - 05:12 PM

Alright, i'll start things off by saying i found one of these things sitting all alone on a random shelf in the Lego section at my local Walmart. I picked it up in the hopes that it was a bigger panther, and i was correct. This thing is a monster and shoots elites like no other, i have no areas to range test this blaster, but it hits hard, very hard.



Here is a basic picture of the blaster

Posted Image

Start off buy getting yourself a small Flathead screwdriver(SMALL!!)

Posted Image

Take your screw driver and start to pry off this orange ring that sits around the trigger button.

Posted Image

It should not be hard, and should look like this:

Posted Image

Next, begin to pry apart the shell. Start at the end with the pump handle. The orange muzzle thing at the other end will prohibit you opening the shell fully

Posted Image

Alright, now make sure to grab the pump tube as well as the pump plunger, pry open the shell as far as you can and start to pull on the internals

Posted Image

The internals are not glued screwed or otherwise attached to the blaster in any way, they should come out easily and look like this:

Posted Image

Now remove the pump handle and get your glue of choice, We are plugging the pump (its exactly the same as a panther):
Put glue on the head of the plunger, along with the hole in the side.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now get yourself a saw( I used a hacksaw) and locate the barrel on the internals. Cut off the barrel just below the two holes in the sides, NO LOWER NO HIGHER!

Posted Image

Now file down the edges of the barrel to make it a little less rough, The Blaster will now shoot elite darts, along with buzzbees and stefans( and megas??).

Posted Image

This concludes the guide, Simply follow the instructions in reverse if your having trouble with reassembly


Pro tips for this blaster, i killed darts so you don't have to.

Posted Image

-4-5 pumps is the breaking point for standard elites

-Buzzbee "airmax extreme" darts will do 10-15 pumps without breaking

-I'm 90% sure the gun will work with mega darts, but had none to test it with

-The gun shoots harder than the panther, with a bigger tank and the ability to do 20+ pumps

-(or so i heard) the gun uses a different valve than the panther, Something about a "piston" valve ( i have no clue what this means)

- this is my favorite way to hold it :

Posted Image


Modified Stryfe: the "strayve"

10 March 2013 - 06:14 PM

(This is my first mod, its not perfect, but its pretty good)

The "strave"

by ginga ninja

estimated work time: 10 hours

-the full gun

Posted Image

-the rayven stock

Posted Image

-the barrel

Posted Image

-the trigger/handle area

Posted Image


-all electronic and mechanical locks removed
-motors replaced:The motors
-1/2" steel barreling (got it at rona, not sure what its called :P)
-orange plastic detailing added on barrel(its kind of a spiral)
-black paint job
-rayven stock integration
-rewired to both the rayven and stryfe battery boxes (it runs on 8 batteries(AA) instead of 4)
-moving parts lubricated
-rayven magazine well "hook" spring upgraded (so i can carry a drum magazines while running)

I will not give ranges to people, i would estimate about 70 feet flat(ESTIMATE).