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Longshot AR Question

21 July 2015 - 06:55 AM

I had bought a NIB yellow longshot at Toys R Us in HK for $250 today, and am wondering if anyone has upgraded the spring without removing the stock air restrictor. I saw a EAT mod by Coop that upgraded the spring to a OMW aftermarket spring but left the air restrictors in the blaster as he said that removing the air restrictors are not as beneficial anymore. Would the same apply for a stock yellow longshot?

Question on batteries for my stryfe

26 April 2015 - 09:15 PM

Dear all,

I have rewired my Stryfe and removed all the locks. I am currently running 4 rechargeable batteries at 1.2v each. My question is if I can wire in another battery pack which will hold 2 more 1.2v rechargeable batteries will the 6 batteries in total will affect the stryfe. My stryfe also uses stock motors. I do not want to purchase IMR's or trustfires as I have many rechargeable batteries at home since my family uses them.


Question for OPRV's on homemade blasters

09 December 2014 - 07:52 AM

Hello friends,

I have been wondering about the state of OPRV's on homemade air plasters, particularly the hose handle and ball valve kind, i want to know if you have a simple ball valve air blaster, and attach a ball pump to the blaster via PVC couplings, does there need to be a external OPRV too in the blaster or is the ball valve OPRV enough to hold the pressure. I created my own hose handle air blaster a few months ago but since i finished the project air has been leaking through the pump it self, in the shaft area with a small crack. I have tested the pump in water and found the leak, but all attempts to patch the leak fail, with super glue, epoxy. And also the hose handle baster cannot hold air pressure for more than 15 seconds before all the pressure is lost. There are no other leaks in the blaster and this has also been happening to my other blaster with ball pumps. Could it be that i am pumping too hard (3 pumps) and the air is leaking through the OPRV, or should that not happen?