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In Topic: Venaticora: katana mag, pump action, monocoque receiver

05 January 2018 - 09:45 AM

While I think your point about katana mags is totally valid, honestly I would probably only use a blaster like this with them. The reduction in deadspace is a huge advantage in my opinion, and buying katana mags isn't that much of an issue to be honest. 


Also, while you may have had a good time assembling the caliburn, you can't deny that the rod system is a little janky and kinda hard for amateurs to assemble, while a receiver with slots pre-milled would essentially be idiot-proof.  

In Topic: Venaticora: katana mag, pump action, monocoque receiver

04 January 2018 - 07:34 PM

I think that from what I have heard and seen regarding the Caliburn design, this offers a major improvement, provided you have access to katana mags. 


The main three complaints I have heard about the Caliburn:

1. The build feels insecure and kind of "twisty"

2. Because of the use of bolts for the frame, it can be very knit-picky to assemble correctly, as you have to tension each of the bolts and nuts correctly

3. There are a few parts (although I think many have been re-iterated and fixed) that are relatively weak, or not designed the best, like the piece above the mag-well


However, it seems to me that this design addresses each of those complaints wonderfully, and personally from what I have seen thus far, I would rather build this than a Caliburn. Also, if the creator is planning on distributing this design a la Slug, than as long as he has a mill those slots will be hardly a nuisance. Even for people who don't have a mill, I think that a dremel, a drill (press hopefully), and some patience are just fine for making slots. Honestly I would rather machine slots than have to tension a bunch of finicky bolts myself. I really, really like the bolt design, and just the whole design in general; great work and will definitely make one if I can get access to a 3d printer or can buy the 3d-printed parts, as well as if I can buy some katana mags.  


However I do have a few suggestions:

1. Shorten the draw: 7 inches of draw on a 1.375" id plunger tube is honestly kind-of overkill. Either put a 18"+ chicago barrel on this to actually take advantage of all this volume, or shorten the draw to 4.5-5.5". I have run into a ton of longshots with [[k26]] or k45 equivalent springs that get better performance than some +bows, so I really don't think the extra volume is worth the extra length and priming effort. 

2. Change the pump design: just like Blitz said, 3d printed grips are prone to breakage, and personally I would much prefer a 1.5" pvc tee over pretty much any design people have tried printing (1.5" pvc tee's are wicked ergonomic)

3. As far as I can tell, only the grip pieces are actually 3d-printed, but personally I would try to 3d print the whole receiver assemply except for the the sear, which should definitely be a machined part.


And just a p.s., if you somehow have access to a lathe, I think lathed bolts are really beneficial for blasters like these, and would be a great improvement!

In Topic: Zeus Hopper

24 May 2016 - 07:55 AM

Thanks for the good "inside" view as well as for this ammo idea :)


Do you think any flywheel-blaster could be turned into this kind of ball throwing machine by adjusting the flywheels?

Yes, but a whole new flywheel cage, as well as maybe even the flywheels themselves would have to be machined, and for that kind of money, you might as well just buy a zeus. 

In Topic: Artifact darts

08 May 2016 - 09:18 AM

These do look pretty "sub-optimal" lol love the word censorship ^ ^. I have been loving my ACC darts, how does the foam on these compare to those? The foam on ACC darts was fairly rigid and not very forgiving to squishing. Are these the same way? 

In Topic: Massachussetts Nerfers?

25 April 2016 - 08:30 PM

Im not a super active nerfer due to me being in boarding school, but I might be able to come to a war if it is at the right time, but I am super busy lol. Also, chill xXwhateverthefuckXx.