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Easy Stampede Voltage Mod

10 July 2013 - 05:46 PM

Hello everybody, I have a new way to add more voltage to your Stampede. After two failed Stampedes, I successfully used this method to give my Stampede extra firepower. This mod will give you stampede 12 volts, but the addition of trustfires could give you even more volts.

To start off, grab your Stampede's battery tray and remove these six screws on the bottom.

Posted Image

Once you remove the screw, separate the bottom of the front of the battery tray (the part that goes in the stampede first) and slide down the metal piece on the left side until it looks like this.
Posted Image

Next, grab one of these:

Posted Image

Put the Red wire into the gap between the battery tray and the metal piece. Slide the metal piece up, and push the battery tray back up. Also, wrap the black wire around the coils on the right side.It should look something like this:

Posted Image

These battery holders hold 8 standard batteries. They have connections on the side to connect to the adapter.

Posted Image

Carve out the inside of the the battery tray to hold the battery holder.

Posted Image

You can use a dremel to cut out the plastic. After, connect the battery holder and the adapter and put the battery tray back in the Stampede and enjoy the added power!