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In Topic: Stefan Clips

23 February 2014 - 12:46 AM

I recently got back into Nerf after having sold a bunch of my equipment and, to my surprise, can't find any distributors of PAK-D clips. X-plorer clips are painfully expensive and are really non-preferable. Remedy Metal seems to have completely disappeared and I'm unable to find any Australian distributors. Can anyone help me find a seller? Thanks!

I'm am Australian seller...will this help?:


In Topic: EAT Brass Breach Video Mod Guide

18 February 2014 - 06:52 AM

How long until these kits are for sale?

Another couple of weeks hopefully.

Just waiting for some laser cut parts (we're doing a whole new catch plate instead of all the little pieces in the video) and I'll do a proper range test.

We feel we've found the optimum barrel length and hope to exceed the distances in the video above.

In Topic: EAT Brass Breach Video Mod Guide

08 February 2014 - 07:48 PM

Reviving an old thread here, but I'm assuming that'll be OK due to it being relevant content (please correct me if I'm wrong).

I had trouble with getting consistent shots out of my brass breech EAT, with some shots hitting out of the park and others falling out of the end of the barrel.

I over thought it and went into my plunger seal, o rings, pusher depth, tightening rings, etc.

Then I went back to darts and sourced thicker foam that was a snug fit in 9/16" brass and the results were much better.

I had hoped to make it compatible with cut down stock darts, but that's just not possible for a number of reasons.

This is not my official range testing, just a trial while away camping.

I made the mistake of using my darts heavily before the testing video, as my kids wanted to play with the blasters shooting targets, each other, etc.

With new darts they were all dropping very close to each other in the 110-130' range, with the longest shot being 147' (angled).

Flat shots came in at 80-100'.

I'm not really into dart smithing, but I'm fairly confidant that with the right load 150' should be possible (angled).

Loading and cocking action is sweet.

This model can have issues with latching, and I had a little bit of that in the start but it stopped doing it and works fine. I'd guess that you'd need to be careful not to get any grease, etc on the catch plate.

Not long to release now, but of course my printer has decided to play up this week. No big drama, nothing a service/clean/calibration won't fix.

Anyway...here it is.

In Topic: EAT Brass Breach Video Mod Guide

21 July 2013 - 11:05 PM

It's not about "chasing hits", it's about making sure the information stays accessible. Without a text outline of what's going on in the video, this thread won't come up in searches, limiting its visibility and usefulness. NH is about building a catalog of information that can be used in creative ways. This won't happen if people can't find it.

OK mate, sorry about that.

I just don't have the time or even ability to type up all that information in writing.

If my post breaks the rules or something, please delete it.

In Topic: EAT Brass Breach Video Mod Guide

21 July 2013 - 10:40 PM

This is quite interesting to watch, I find it nice to see a video of a brass breech compared to the many different image-based writeups.

Also, you said at one point that this was all based around the elite dart, but then you said it would require stefan clips. Could you clarify this?

I actually just brassed my EAT today(adapted from Blue's writeup). I'm not quite sure, but I'm getting ranges just above what it got stock. I assume I'm not using a proper spring, so I may have to purchase the spring pack from you.

For those who are impatient such as myself, would superglue work in replacement of the 3 day epoxy? Did you try or would you advise reinforcing the catch with epoxy putty?

Thanks very much.

I just find I can show so much more with video, it's a real demonstration.

People can always pause and go back over things as often as they want.

Of course everyones got their own preferences in how they receive information, that's just my point of view.

In answer to your questions...

1. Good point about the Elite dart, I've clouded the point with my comment there. I based the tightness of the barrel/tightening rings around the diameter of the Elite dart, as it's the thinnest dart I have and the EAT comes with Elites. It will still chamber all types of foam that you can use with a 9/16" barrel.
Also, there may be rules for some of my potential customers wars that stipulate standard darts but allow them to be shortened.
Full length dart brass breeches are notorious for chopping darts and sometimes being damaged as a result, my breech gets much less jams/chops and isn't damaged by them at all.
I realize that making a stefan only breech will greatly reduce the number of people that will buy my kit, but it had to be solid and reliable and I included the clip conversion parts in the (soon to be listed) kit.

2. If you have brass breeched your blaster, you need a heavier spring. There are plenty of springs for that model available, including mine. You should be getting over 100 feet easy.

3. Superglue will not work, it will be a screwup if you just use that. Epoxy putty doesn't seem so common in Oz, but plenty of guys use it for that purpose in the US so I'm sure it would be fine.
I basically merge all the parts in my kit onto one file and print. 5 1/2 hours later I have a kit, it's just easier that way for me and probably cheaper as I don't need a different epoxy.

There you go mate, hope that helps.