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SuperNoVA - Herndon VA - March 17th 2018

01 February 2018 - 08:49 PM

March 17th 2018
9AM to 1PM
Bruin Park
415 Van Buren St
Herndon VA 20170
50/50 NIC & Superstock
BYOD (Bring your own darts)
Cheap lunch to be provided for those that RSVP

On the topic of SCAR barrels

04 December 2017 - 08:32 AM

Posting this here to extend the discussion out to more participants. I've been coordinating with and discussing this topic with a wide variety of people all over the community and it's clear that there appears to be a consensus developing on this topic and I wanted to perform some practical tests to see if the "Muzzle Blast" camp has more validity to their theory than the "Rifling/Dart-Spin" camp.


I'm using roughly the same dimensions and spacing that Heath settled on through his extensive practical tests with his Caliburn SCAR barrel. I've also made some string-free muzzle devices to use as a comparison. These devices were design to vent muzzle blast without "imparting" and spin on the dart. If these produced a positive result I can argue that the important factor has nothing to do with spinning darts.



The one on the right worked. The one on the left didn't.


The SCAR barrel and muzzle-devices make only a small difference with waffles beyond 70 feet. At least as far as I can tell. Those darts are already quite stable and it appears that as a result they aren't as impacted by muzzle blast. This confirms my own experience with using those versus accufakes at three different wars.


However, when firing ANY lighter darts or half-length darts it's making a very appreciable impact on the reliability of dart trajectory. The only outliers become darts that have bent foam, either from prior use or bad breech feeding. I can aim at a window on my house from over 70 feet away and hit it with 34 of 36 darts. Without any muzzle device I can only manage 18 of 36 from the same distance.



The muzzle devices are working almost as well, but since you can't adjust them up or down, it's not possible to "tune" them for different darts. That's the only benefit the fishing line is really offering. When you change the "rifling" all you are really accomplishing is changing the elastic inner diameter of the scar barrel so that it fits those particular darts better.

2017 Modification/Homemade Contest

26 September 2017 - 02:15 PM

Voting is now open for the 2017 Modification/Homemade Contest. Polls will be closed at 11:59pm eastern time Friday October 6. Results will probably be posted by the following Sunday October 8.

Please go to each of the following threads and, review the writeup, and rate each blaster on the 4 listed criteria (Originality, Functionality/Aesthetics, Complexity, and Writeup Quality)

.5-.625 ACBR

Mag-Fed XBZ Longstrike
Rapid Red
Pump-Action Sentinel (VGS)

(Note: Voting open to Nerfhaven members only)

SuperNoVA - Herndon VA - September 16th 2017

29 April 2017 - 05:38 AM

September 16th 2017

9AM to 2PM


It was really fun, so let's just do it again on my Birthday. I kind of wanted to do one sooner, but July and August are usually just too damn hot.


Bruin Park

415 Van Buren St
Herndon VA 20170


50/50 NIC & Superstock

BYOD (Bring your own darts)


Game Types


+ 3/15 Deathmatch

+ Gunslinger


Cheap lunch, drinks, and cake to be provided for those that RSVP




High Cap Magazine Collective Brain-Spew

27 April 2017 - 11:42 AM

I have no idea. But I suspect 22 darts is likely to be the ceiling of being reasonable in terms of mag dimensions and spring load.