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Foam Sports (Silicone Tip Dart, Video)

25 April 2011 - 04:15 AM

Hey Guys

Thought I'd let you know what inf0rm3r @ oznerf has been been working on over here in Australia for the last year. Video pretty much explains his two current completed projects.

First project was a Custom Tubular foam, second was 1.7g safe Silicone tipped dart heads. Video also shows how much time this method saves in creating darts. 50 Darts in 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

From May 15, both Pink and Blue will be available.

He doesn't have a user account activated here so I have posted it on his be-half.

Internal Air Compressor Titan (nerf Modification)

27 March 2011 - 04:48 AM

There's alot of things you can do with an Air Compressor. Pump your tires, up with it... well that's all I can think of. You can also put it inside a Nerf Titan! This is probably one of the best Nerf AC Titans you will have seen around.

If you've noticed, MANY of these modifications are freaking bulky, have a tube running from a backpack or fanny pack and has a HIGH RISK of snagging on something unpleasant, ripping off, and BAM GG there goes your Nerf Blaster. Yes, at many wars these AC Titans are banned, but doesn't stop my good friend phuonguyen in putting an awesome compressor inside it.

Pump Relocation (So you can use it after the battery dies)
Inbuilt AC 12V
12V RC / Tamiya Battery
Pure Awesome
Safety switches (check the video).

Video covers most angles of the Titan.

If you want this commissioned then PM phuonguyen on the youtube channel. Also subscribe if you want more crazy modifications.

We definitely have a surprise for you guys in a few weeks times (when we can be bothered to make the video) - Especially aiming towards you RyanMcNumbers :D.

Write-up: Dart Tag Furyfire Modification

13 February 2011 - 05:31 PM

Hey dudes, phuonguyen and me were modding the 4 FuryFires I had in my garage and we decided to do a little write-up for you guys who are interested in a FuryFires but didn't know whether they should get one. However, before we begin, the FuryFires is a fairly intermediate gun to mod. There are so many fragile pieces that if you don't do it properly, you can cause it to break, fire like shit and make you rage. Successfully modifying this gun will bring great rewards because it can be a great side arm in an outdoor war OR a very good primary indoors. This is just a brief overview and won’t get into great detail.

Step 1:

Open up your FuryFire of course! There are many angles of the internals because they are somewhat hidden.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Step 2:

This is somewhat very similar to a maverick but…


Posted Image

There are THREE hidden screws in the three holes presented in the picture below. You may need a thin screw driver to into the small area.

Posted Image

Step 3:

Remove the ARs, they will fall all out just like the Maverick would.

Posted Image

Step 4:

Remove the pegs by cutting it down with scissors. It is optional to drill it out or dremel it, but if you don’t do it properly, the seals will be crap and thus your gun will perform crap. It is very similar to the Maverick if you guys have modded one.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Internal Air Compressor Magstrike (nerf Modification)

11 February 2011 - 03:58 AM

Hey guys.

It's littlebro05 from Brisbane here. You would of probably seen a few air compressor modifications that have been added on with certain Nerf Blasters. For example, the renowned SGNerf who successful modified a magstrike to take an air compressor. However, from what I know, no one has actually installer a compressor INSIDE the magstrike.

Here is the video of it. All specs and features are explained within the video below.

Just as a quick overview. It operates very much similar to SG Nerf's Air Compressor strike so if you're wondering what's inside, it's basically the same - minus the inbuilt compressor.

http://modworks.blog...compressor.html - Courtesy of modworks by SGNerf (if you want this link remove, contact me via youtube account of BrisbaneNerfGroup)

Here are a few pictures of it below. These are just screenshots from the video overview on this modification. This modification is done by phuonguyen from oznerf (Australian Nerf Community) and all credits and effort goes to him. He is one of my high school buddies. I was with him when I filmed this for him and we were bored lol.

The Internal Air Compressor Magstrike
Posted Image

The on/off switch.
Posted Image

Pressure gauge (35PSI is max pressure before you'd probably blow it.
Posted Image

Tamiya connector
Posted Image

12V 3800mAh Airsoft / RC Battery
Posted Image

The compressor motor.
Posted Image

If you want this commission follow the info box displayed below on the video link. You'll be seeing more modifications every now and again soon :).

Brisbane, Australian Nerf War Videos (updated 23/01/2011)

16 January 2011 - 07:57 AM

Hello guys up in America. I'm known as littlebro05 in the Australian Nerf Forums called oznerf (google search it). Just a quick introduction... I've been Nerfing since the start of 2010 and have modified many a gun (SGNerf Brass Breeched Longshot, Stampedes with 16Vs and spring upgrades, Recons, Raiders, Tripleshot conversion to a Quadshot, Singled BBBBs | BBUMBs | Buzz Bee Mega Missile (BBMM), Magstrike air tank expansion mod, furyfires, and lots more than you could imagine).

My friend who is one of the admins on these forums have done MUCH more than I have. This includes and air compressor MagStrike, a stampede working at around 90ft MAX, vulcan that shoots aroudn 60ft and a whole lot more. We also have a great modder who has made a homemade "air pressurised" raider which uses a brass breech design, that utilises clips and what not. These will be seen in the videos ahead of time once the weather in Queensland gets better, we will be able to have another Nerf War :D.

Before you watch, our Nerfing community does not aim for mega ranged Nerf Blasters. We love to have a mix of ROF and range to keep the game interesting, instead of having everyone shooting 100ft+ guns and standing super far away. I see that as kind of boring as there's no 'variety' in the Nerf Wars we have. However, if certain communities love to war that way, I have nothing against it as we all have different 'views' of fun.

The reason I've made this topic is because to update you guys who live in America that the Nerf community is not limited to just the US and Singapore. Also, just so you can enjoy some videos I make. It has grown pretty big ever since I've started having a record number of 35 people turn up to one war.

If you are wondering what type of darts we use, we have a supplier under the username inf0rm3r who sells blue foam tubing that we use to create darts. We use snap caps (screw caps) as our dart heads to eliminate inconsistency. The foam is 12.7mm (1/2 inch) foam which WILL fit in all stock guns. He sells this foam worldwide and if you want some. I'll ask him about it. We also have new silicone tips which will eliminate the need of making 'Hot Glue Domes" and you can simply just slow the silicone tip in the blue foam with some silicone glue. I will update you on this later.

Anyway here are some of the videos. I will be constantly updating this thread for videos :). Enjoy!

Recent War We had in the rain

Humans Vs Zombies - Roleplaying (our most intense video yet!)

Humans Vs Zombies - Paranoia Infection

Biggest Nerf War today in Brisbane - 36 people

The 2nd War in our area - I didn't get footage of the first proper one we had. However, this was one of the wars that established our community.

This was a war organised by another group down in Brisbane, Australia. Their Nerf Wars consists of stock or near stock blasters. Not my cup of tea, but still fun. Just lacks cover which is extremely important in a Nerf war imo.

That's all for now. I have a few more videos, so feel free to browse my channel ;). Which reminds me... there doesnt' seem to be a option for embedding videos... is that possible on these forums? For more updates, you can subscribe to the Brisbane's community channel so you can keep updated one of many parts of the world who Nerf. I will update this thread when I go to more Wars. I only recently started to add music to my videos as I realise they can be pretty dull at times. Thanks!