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In Topic: Foam Sports (Silicone Tip Dart, Video)

05 May 2011 - 07:03 PM

Sample packs available


In Topic: Massacre 6

04 May 2011 - 06:05 AM

When I get the money for this shit. I'm going to fly from Australia to Canada just to attend Massacre - might I add maybe you should have another achievement called

Sharpshooter - Person who scores a "HIT" from the furthest distance

It would be interesting to see who can pull that off :P

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the video!

In Topic: Foam Sports (Silicone Tip Dart, Video)

26 April 2011 - 10:35 PM

In regards, to hoppers. I'm not sure what the issue is with streamlines as I haven't used them yet. But the heads are much more solid than streamlines, they aren't hollow and don't compress. That said they don't leave nasty welts like plastic caps or metal tips and the sting from these out of a 4B is reduced from experience by at least half. I have tested them out of RSCB setups if that's any help and they work fine hitting about 130FT out of a triple shot setup.

@ blue

The blue foam has an increased density and slightly smaller hole than Nerf is using, but not small enough to affect someone using a stock gun. You'll need something ridiculous to blow holes in this foam.

@ darksircam

I will have sample packs up on ebay shortly. I already have some guys at Nerf Revolution looking to bring in a large amount to supply which ever side of the US. I believe perhaps working with one-two people on each side of your country to distribute them out might be a good option. As for me to ship a 500g parcel to any part of the US is $15.00 which blows it out of the water. However drop shipping can solve that issue and avoid the freight costs altogether and then anyone ordering smaller amounts only has local within US freight which is much cheaper.

I have this method going in Singapore through Hanzo on their forums. I basically supply the foam and tips direct to him at a heavily discounted rate very close to my cost, then he distributes it to the of the community.

In Topic: Foam Sports (Silicone Tip Dart, Video)

25 April 2011 - 08:22 AM

Reading SGNerf's review, it seems as if they are not 100% silicone. Then again I've never snorted silicone so I wouldn't know what it smells like (if you've read his review). Would that have to do with the ability to use superglue to fix them to the darts? From what I've been reading about silicone tips, it seems that gluing them to anything is a complete bitch. However if that solves the problem I would say it's an ingenious solution.

I have the ROS certification that these are 100% silicone here, but you never know what actually ends up in these products as there is a number of factors which could cause a change. Superglue according to my supplier is the only cost effective way to bond these two types together, you can see in the video I'm shoving the heads in really easily as superglue is paper thin.

I'd never seen this article until now, good to see someone is further testing :)

In Topic: Foam Sports (Silicone Tip Dart, Video)

25 April 2011 - 07:48 AM

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@ Chaospropel

Nice looking darts are good to, I'll agree. But really once you start warring every second week, it's ridiculous to supply 30-40 person wars constantly, especially when your spending more time making darts than playing. Our public generally looks down on dodgy looking darts, but when they walk past and see something which looks safe, they think positive about what's going on and it gets the parents of the younger kids approval to.

@ andtheherois

Posted Image

You can see the tip has a stub which holds it in. The adhesive used to bond silicone and Foam together is just your cheap store super glue. You can do roughly 100 darts with a packet which costs $1.00. The tips themselves are solid silicone, so they may work in your hopper, you can't manipulate the shape of the head by pushing on it like streamlines. I haven't built one myself but they work flawless in RSCB setups.

You can easily customise the weight of the dart by cutting the stub down to, a lot of our community is into stock guns for some silly reason. So when they purchase these the trend is cutting off the stubs to get less weight, after testing this out of lower powered reverse plungers you'll notice and instant 4-5 Meter (15FT) increase on range. But out of 4B's, Titans and anything shooting in excess of 100FT most guns are accurate at what you are aiming at at a pretty good distance.

I can't see why it isn't possible in using them in blank FBR stefans if you cut the hole right. Hell you could even cut the stub off completely and super glue them on. The bond is exceptionally strong. The full tip weighs 1.6-1.7g. Cutting off the stub will bring it down to about 1.2-1.3 which would imitate a BB weight I guess.