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Hornet Help

30 November 2007 - 10:34 AM

Right, so I bought a Hornet off ebay a bit back, and it was all working fine. I didn't even bother to remove the AR's and it was working pretty good. But then the top two barrels were flung off when I used the shot gun fire, which I thought was strange as I'd read on NF that the barrels weren't removeable (well, without possibly damaging the gun) and most people drill them out. So me and my friend took the AR's and barrelposts out of the back of the barrels and pushed the barrels back in, they're still easy to remove, which is strange (if anyone wants a photo, just ask).

Anyway, after alot of force, a vice and a mole wrench later I came to the conclusion that the other barrels wern't gonna budge. So I just drilled them out (i'm from England, ask someone over here what a dremel is, and they'll probably point you to the nearest dentist). And still everything was working fine, but there was bits of the backs of AR's still in the barrel, so I tried to break them up with drill, to get them out. No such luck, so I tried fireing agian, and the gun would no longer pump up. I've now figured out that sometimes some of the barrels work, but the majority of the time they don't. But, if I cock the slider bit so only the bottom two barrels are used (becuase it's the next one up that I think is damaged) they work fine, everytime.

Any ideas, sugestions?

Thanks for the hlep in advance.

PS: If any mods are reading this, please, please, please validate my account (username and displayname: Wisey!) so that I continue to use this forum.

At the moment I'm using my friend David's account (who stoll my name "!" thing...) and thus, may take a bit to reply. Thanks.