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In Topic: Buzzbee Rfr Modification

02 December 2007 - 05:28 AM

Well the reason we have so many of them is because we live in England, and the ONLY guns you can buy in shops are NF's and Mav's. Oh, and the Maxshot and it's baby brother (although I did once pick up two packs DTG's and Scouts from a Tessco). So our only other source of guns was Firebox.com and ebay.com (thankfully the is worth more than the $ so the $35 it takes to post a LS, for example, was about 18).

One thing though, don't paint RFR's. Someones probably said this before, but they jam even more than stock. Unfortuneatly we painted all but one (thankfully, my main one) which works better than all of the others.

Man, I talk aload of crap. Sorry...

I look forward to a write-up about the heavier mod (I'm assuming you going to do a write-up) and brass breach.

In Topic: Buzzbee Rfr Modification

01 December 2007 - 01:35 PM

Ahh, okay thanks. I've just checked it agianst the spring of a unfinshed NiteMav that i'd forgotern about. And it's almost axactly the same, except very slightly longer (like 3mm) and a tiny bit smaller across.

I'll try it at some point, as me a my friend have about 5 RFR's between us (god knows why, one of the looks quite cool though, it has a bolt to cock it, and looks like a scumbag rifle (but defantly dosn't perform like one)).

In Topic: Hornet Help

01 December 2007 - 12:46 PM

Thanks for the help. You're right if I plug the hole with my finger, I can feel the air pressure build, and then I realease it, and the air comes out, but no crap... I've tried a good 20 - 30 times now, and it dosn't seem to be working. I'm guessing as a last resort I could fill up the broken barrel with hot glue and hope it holds.

Any other ideas? Unless I drilled to far... but I don't think I did.

In Topic: Buzzbee Rfr Modification

01 December 2007 - 12:12 PM

I may have to try this, looks quite nice with the end sawn off too, I did that to a BuzzBee Shotgun, looked quite cool.

Any ideas what other springs it might take? I have a couple of DS springs lying about, do you one of those would make a difference?

In Topic: Airtech Trouble Shoot

01 December 2007 - 12:03 PM

Well, I'm also a "noob" with air guns appart from the first guns I ever modded (to be Nerf guns) were supersoakers, and I'm pretty sure they have valves to take in more air into the air chamber. Don't quote me on that one though, I could be totaly wrong. More air in the same space = more pressure. Hopefully someone with more experiance with air guns can help.

But, if I were you i'd just cover the overpressure valve with hot glue, dosn't matter if it's flat or not, as long as no air can get though. And you should be fine, just don't over pump. But if it dosn't work (for example if my theory about the air valve is right, and it is an air valve, spose you'd call it an "air intake valve" or something else like that...) just rip out the hot glue, and it'll work like it did before.