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Maveric Rev-6 Mod

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Posted 19 March 2005 - 01:37 PM

I could get a picture but I dont have a website to host it, I have tried in the past but failed for what ever reasons. I basically took a piece of brass as wide as the catch mechanism but its just a little taller, not much though so you can cock the gun easier but so the gun wont "not cock" if your mechanism is worn out or just wont catch like mine wouldn't. I hope you can understand that ;)
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Posted 19 March 2005 - 01:52 PM

I know, it's a little old, but my NF get 75'+ consistently, NOT angled and FLAT to the ground. But then, my NF is like, super modded....

List of mods that I can remember:
Brass barrel 4" long w/ goog seal
"PPK" modded w/ flashlight and silencer(fake)
Hot glue supported plunger tube(I striped/lost alot of screws)
Increased plunger to tube seal for silence and range
Black paintjob w/ red touch-ups
Lubed plunger tube
With bands about gets very close to 80'
Using stefans: 1/2" 0/3 fishing weights

Did anyone ever succesfully put craft foam around the seal? Besides the balloon thing?
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Posted 19 March 2005 - 09:32 PM

Well, I bought one. I must say, it is quite huge. I looked at it and am now searching for silver paint and a crimson-red coat. I think my mom has some yellow hair-dye. Now if I can just work out the cyborg arm-machinegun I'll be all set... For love and for peace!

I think Jyhad hit upon something important. My biggest gripe is that the Mav's cyllinder barely swings out. Makes it a pain in the ass to load, so that's something I'll keep in mind when I work on the Mav tonight (I should be done with my Scout tonight, only need to do cosmetic work, for those of you keeping tabs on my life. I'm not keeping tabs.) and see what I can do.

The craft foam sounds like the best idea yet. I believe my mom has some, but if not I'll run to Walmart tonight (being unemployed rocks! Not really...) and grab some 2mm stuff.

Now, this is just a suggestion, but lemmy propose something the Ruskies figured out when revolvers were brand new. In about 1895, Mr. Nagant was sitting on his brand-spanking new indoor plumbing device trying to dream up how to make a decent gun so the Czar won't tie his genitals in a knot. Thing was, all revolvers before this kinda had a problem, the damn things shot gas out the sides and it lost a lot of power! Not to mention that shit got hot!

So he's sitting there and suddenly gets an idea, what if he made the cyllinder move forwards prior to the hammer falling so that the cyllinder was taught against the barrel? Well, it worked. The Nagant 1895 was born and it was the .44 magnum of the day. It blew the heads off of Ottomans and gave the Czar serious wood until the Bolsheviks lost it to a man named Vladimir Lenin. Now the horrible lack of any historical coherence in that takes a back seat to the central idea here.

Let's put a dealio in the trigger so that when you pull it, the revolving deal scoots back and seals with the piston better. What we get is great air efficiency and a cool design to boot. Now the real question is, how do we go about getting the revolving part to slide back?

As for my thoughts on the gun? It's by no means a split-fire, but it improves upon the 350 drastically. No more bent darts, it has better range, and holds more ammo. It's hugeness does not bother me, I have fairly big hands, and having a chunky cannon like this makes me happy. I also like that Nerf attatched some crude sights, I plan to hang onto this gun and probably deck it out with a Trigun approach. I might also keep with my trend of megaman fandom and go with painting it up in red, black, and brown and go with Metal Man as the theme (my favorite robot master!).

Posted Image

By the way, don't play Russian Roulette with this thing, I almost lost an eye.
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J cobbers


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Posted 19 March 2005 - 09:43 PM

I could get a picture but I dont have a website to host it, I have tried in the past but failed for what ever reasons.

Try photobucket.com it's free, and pretty simple to use. Once you up load a picture just copy the URL, then hit the IMG button when writting your post here and paste the URL.
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Posted 19 March 2005 - 09:56 PM

By the way, don't play Russian Roulette with this thing, I almost lost an eye.

I love playing russian roulette with this thing! I thought that I was the only person stupid enough to do it though......................
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