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Dan Cromer

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Dude, Orange Juice Gas.

02 September 2003 - 09:42 PM

I had some orange juice sitting in the bottom of a water bottle for a week, and I was shocked when I went to wash it out. Something had settled on the bottom of the glass, a dark purplely grey silt. Even better, when I started washing it out, the stuff on the bottom vaporized into the air, emitting a purple gas from my water bottle.

It can't be healthy, but seriously, let about .5" of orange juice sit in the bottom of a water bottle for about a week and be amazed.

Adventures In Linux

17 May 2003 - 01:30 AM

Well, I'm trying to install slackware on my system in my room, and I'm amazed how completely different it already is from windows--just from trying to install the bastard. It's harder than crap, but I'll eventually get it to work...

Why am I putting lenix on my system? I have no idea. It just sounded fun.

Comments? Suggestions?

Shotgunners Rejoyce!

23 February 2003 - 09:18 PM

Well, I intend on becoming an engineer "when I grow up" so I took on the problem of poorly performing foam shot about a year ago as a problem to solve. I finally finished tonight.

Most people try to make "foam shot" by putting several 1/2" darts behind one another in a barrel. It doesn't perform well at all, with the first dart falling on the ground, the middle ones flying 5 feet, and the one in back shooting across the room. They really dont' spread at all.

I solved this. Many of you may have heard me babble about this in the past, but this is my offical announcement on how to make good shot: cut 1-2" darts lengthwise in fourths, and put a dab of hot glue on each quarter. Here's how it works:

In the past with packing darts, only the rear dart received any power, and it just pushed the other darts out. They only go about 15 feet, and spread inconsistanly. The new quartershot darts don't do this. 4 quarters are put together into a dart like shape, and stuffed in the barrel. When fired, each quarter receives an equal ammount of power. What results is a shot that shoots further, spreads evenly, and spreads wider. I was also able to put two whole darts, one behind another, (read: 8 quarters) into my boomstick modded RB, and darts traveled from 15-30 feet, with one soaring across my huge basement and hitting the wall. Very impressive, I must say. Repeated trials show darts almost always travel from 10-20 feet using 4 quarters and 15-30 feet using 8. The darts also fall within a cone about 3 feet wide at the end.

The only problem with these darts is they're hard to clean up, and not easy to load in mid-war. I solved this as well by making several 4" barrels and attaching a coupling to my shotgun blasters, enabling me to preload several shells and quickly reload.

These new darts should prove extremely effective indoors. They're harder to dodge since there's 4 times as many darts, and give you a circle 3 feet in diameter to hit your enemies. Rapid fire guns can, essentially, blanket an entire area with darts in a matter of seconds. I'm thinking my AT3000 is going to become a streetsweeper...

Hope you guys enjoy.

Dumpster Diving Prevails Once More!

18 December 2002 - 06:39 PM

My friends and I were recently dumpster diving, and we managed to find possibly the sweetest thing ever. No, it wasn't a giant vat of peanutbutter, it's a giant child stroller. It may sound stupid, but this thing is damn fun. It has no front wheels, and is it pretty bad shape. I found it in a dumpster for crying out loud.

We're going to modify it into a minister of Death over the break, by adding a front wheel (It currently has NO front wheels...), place for a gunner, and a turret like thing. I've already began to strip away unnecessary pieces, and have successfully turned the sunshade into a "HUD" that flips down, and even turned a structural support into a roll cage. Anyway, this is going to be the shit. The driver will sit inside the stroller and steer the front wheel (The front half of a broken RAZOR scooter). The gunner/engine man will ride on a platform attached to the back, and can easily get off the push.

Basically, most of my supplies are coming out of a dumpster, and I have a solenoid sprinkler valve and regulator just laying around. Yeah, just laying around.

None of my friends nerf, but hey, I figured you guys would be interested in turning a child's stroller into a deathmongler.