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[MI] Castle Nerf MI Edition

11 January 2017 - 08:32 PM

Facebook Event:https://www.facebook...42343412759990/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook...36163833098419/

SDNC's kickoff event in Novi MI! The park features a decently sized wooden structure that'll make for some interesting close encounters.

Eye protection of some form is strongly recommended, such as prescription/sunglasses.

Blaster restrictions: Superstock ~approx 150 FPS with USC's/Koosh, but leeway will be considered based on rate of fire/capacity.

Cosmetics: Blasters must appear like toys, unable to be confused for paintball/firearms/etc.

Dart restrictions: Soft impact non-metal darts only. Modified darts discouraged but not banned. FVJ's/FVN's are generally discouraged; please keep them to lower powered blasters.

Hits: Honor system; target player calls hit if felt. Shooter calls hit if visual confirmation seen of the dart stopping/bouncing away on target.

Shields: Generally banned except with certain exceptions (i.e. only carrying low powered single shot blaster.).

Melee: Generally banned unless dicking around.

Richochet: Only hits made from bounced Rival or Vortex ammo count.

Parking and playing location should be obvious. Staging will be at the tree to the left of the playground entrance.

Unfortunately, we do not have good options for backup locations, which will most likely be amongst some of the trees in the park.

- 3/15
- 1-flag CTF
- Disarm
- Hold the Line
- Defend the Core
- Carpe? (If supplies available)