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Homemade Airtanks?

28 July 2010 - 01:05 AM

So, I was wondering: how practical would a home-made airtank be? I figured sticking two PVC couplers together with a small segment of PVC would do the trick, and indeed someone already did it.

My question is, how effective would something be like that by itself? He seemed to think it was pretty effective, but also that it was a sort of "secondary tank" or something. So I guess I mean to ask: would it be effective by itself? I'm thinking of doing an integration into my Deploy NerfRogue83-style, only I've got no airtank, or at least one I care to part from the guns they're in. Everything else I'm reasonably sure I could figure out pretty quick based on the other mods around (thanks to Blue for the mod directory!), but the thing is I want to do it fully internally, and I think I can pull it off given this one thing.

Also, it would basically be a homemade internal I'm thinking right now; I'm even considering making a homemade pump for it, so I'm sort of in unfamiliar territory. It'd be a single shot, but I'm wanting to make the Deploy a true multi-purpose gun, one great distance shot, and than a storm of darts as backup.

Thanks for any help.

Cs-6 "deploy" Internal Shots And Psuedo-review

26 July 2010 - 10:43 PM

So, I recently found some more people at work (many more than before, apparently...) that are/may be into Nerf. I've been scheming on the Deploy and Raider for a while, so I finally picked up the Deploy. I have to say, this blaster's production budget must have been sizable: not only is it reasonably well-designed yet-complex, it appears and functions cool/well, seems reliable, is pretty solid (given it's nature particularly) and seems to have an absolute ton of potential.

The red LED light is reasonably bright (indeed, in a night war, particularly in a house, it could be pretty handy, especially if switched out for a brighter/lighter bulb), and the actual "deploy" action is pretty sweet too. It's rather cool to watch the thing snap out in three different ways simultaneously, ready to go. As others have commented, it's just "fun," unabatedly, just something you can get a repeated kick out of.

Darts are magazine-fed via pump-action that feels a lot like a shotgun would; this alone was worth the price of admission to me. The rhythmic "click-CLACK" noise of the action just sounds badass, not unlike what many speak of when pumping an actual shotgun, and the ensuing panic it must impart to those whom it was meant for. "click-CLACK"...please excuse for just a moment...

So anyway, the action is very nice. I put a few mags through it and it didn't jam or anything; it just *feels* clean. ROF is very good, which after reading some mod write-ups (NerfRogue83: you're the best) and seeing that while tedious, mods were definitely possible and seemingly worthwhile. So, I decided to buy this blaster, my first in four years at least. I got it because the ROF (as stated elsewhere), "is pure win," and coupled with it's potential, modded range (which based on what I've read, previous experience, knowledge, and plans I myself have), seemed like an excellent alternative to my normal primary, a PC: better range for slower-but-still-good ROF, not unlike a trade-off between I guess a Tommy and an M1 carbine if I had to compare to real-world (but I think the theory comes across). Average distance is about 35-40 ft. out of box, but this various with the individual dart it seems. I assume wear-and-tear would likely take it's toll after a period of time though, particularly after I opened it up.

The internals are quite complicated, with a gaggle of springs, screws (~50; there was a small pile after I had finished), bits and parts...well you'll see from the pictures below that the shell's rather packed. However, there's a ton of space in there also, and choosing to keep the blaster "locked" (as I intend to do; thing just looks too badass "deployed" to me not to, too much potential there), would free up even more after the removal of the light.

So I've got quite a few plans for this baby, and the greatest part is that one needn't have a ton of custom parts and pieces and tools, etc. to do the work based on what I've seen from the Mod write-ups: it's like Nerf did all the work that modders have been doing for ages, just for you...only, they had to mitigate the potential apogee of awesome and used the reverse plunger...:sigh: "It is what it is."

Regarding disassembly: follow NerfRogue83's directions in his write-up to the T, and you won't have any problems. I of course went somewhat farther than what he presented, but obviously I don't mean to attempt to supplant his great work. Rather, I wanted to take the thing apart down to the final screw, and that's what I did; indeed, given my goals for this thing, it would have had to happen sooner or later. The only real things to note is what NerfRogue83 alluded to previously: it has a ton of screws, many hidden behind other parts, and only by going back and forth between different connected/related areas can you finally get the thing apart totally. The worst kink in taking it apart, which I pointed out in the last picture, is that the "back" half of the shell has a part glued in; this part is what secures the "railing" I guess for the movable stock. Otherwise, careful observation will usually yield what to do next if you choose to go the route I did, though do keep note of which screws go where: there are at least 5 different kinds of various lengths and types.

Thanks again to NerfRogue83 for his excellent write-up!

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Kcmo/west-central Mo War Planning

25 April 2009 - 03:33 AM

Okay, I'm gonna try this again. I'll be making a topic on NHQ shortly.

Myself and a bunch of my friends here in Warrensburg, MO (an hour east of KCMO; just over an hour west of Columbia, MO -> Mizzou) are wanting to do some kind of war. A lot of this will be a sort of meet-greet thing, but obviously with blasters. I think the biggest problem we have right now in this part of the country is that none of us know anyone, and we can't get coordinated.

We're wanting to have the war probably in or very close to Warrensburg or Knob Noster (near Whiteman AFB). Johnson County fair grounds or whatever could also be a candidate.

Quick map links as to our location:


We're wanting to make this a decent-sized and planned event.

Dates? Currently, no real idea, everyone but I are busy with dead week and finals (I just work and pay bills...I'm "done" with college for now...though I still work my ass off coaching UCMFC). I'm thinking probably some time in July would be good though, or perhaps late June.

Place: Warrensburg, Knob Noster, or someplace very close to here. Since we'll be planning, organizing, etc., it makes most sense to do it here. Also, we are a relatively-central location compared to most of the hubs of civilization in this area (compared to Columbia, MO, KCMO, Springfield, etc.). It will be at some park in or near aforementioned cities.

Times: I'd like to start as close to about 10 AM as possible. We'll go till probably 30-45 before dark, so we have good time to pick up darts, gear, etc., and arrange something if some of us want to hang out later.

Rules: read top sticky here as a basis for what to expect: http://nerfhaven.com...?showtopic=8682

For this specific war, we'll start with these baselines:

+Eye protection MANDATORY: acceptable mediums include hardware glasses, firearm shooting glasses, and similar forms. I would DIRELY prefer no sunglasses. Prescriptions will obviously take precedence.
+MUST provide own darts. As a guideline for what I did at SENOs several years ago, I probably had around 200+ of each type of dart I used; this was for a PowerClip and LnL. Bring more if you are at all in doubt.
+Bring money for food, water, gas, etc. Preferably pack a lunch, that way we don't have to break and run around for food and then straggle in to restart.
+Obviously all your blasters that you want to use; I HIGHLY recommend backups. I will have a FEW I MAY lend out, but these will be pretty basic, however usable (such as Wildfire, some others, a BBB, etc.).

This will be the first war I've hosted, but there will be the obvious: Team Deathmatch. May do CTF or a couple others, depending on time, etc. and pre-war discussion.

TDM I'm not sure yet how we'll run. I've been doing the reading, and 3/15 sounds like a good idea, but may be overly long, not sure. At the SENOs I went to, we did so:

Any 2 limb hits = death. Any 1 limb + torso = death. Any 1 torso = death.

Each round goes until a team wins. 1 life per round. This may sound a bit brutal and to easy to die, but it lends itself to tactics and smart play. It also means most rounds only last around 10 minutes, so we get a lot of good, well-played rounds rather than longer drawn-out rounds that could end up with screwing around while others wait around a long time and care not to come the next time. It allows newer players to get experience much more quickly as well, bringing others up to speed.

And then we may also do 3/15: same as above, only you have three "lives," with a 15-count time between deaths which is counted away from the play area. Third death is of course permanent.

CTF would work like normal as in games like UT04 or Halo series, only you always get to use your gun (so in that sense, not quite like Halo). Infininate lives.

Regarding hits, since this would be the first major war in this area, I'm thinking we need to follow KISS. Any hit would count per the area, including toes, fingers, etc. Gun hits I think would count as limb hits; I think this would be a good middle-of-road solution that is not complicated.

I'm hoping to find a decent spot to do this in. We have a few decent parks in the 'Burg here, but they are a bit sparse on cover. I'm going to look at satellite images in the following days on Google and see what I find.

Regarding projected numbers, all my friends I tell about this go nuts, so I'm thinking, provided I can keep people up to date and motivated, there'll hopefully be around 8-10 of us just from Warrensburg alone; the more we get talking though, the more barriers will get broken down and the more we'll get motivated; I'm hoping for a sort of snowball effect.

If this looks interesting to you, be sure to post here. Questions, comments, concerns are welcome; however, realize that this is a discussion, not a simply yes/no type scenario: just because you say it doesn't mean it'll happen, HOWEVER, if you DON'T say it, than we'd never know either. So post and ask away.

Also, if you guys are new to this sort of thing or really daunted by what you may be seeing here or on the site, make sure to ask about how to get started, things like that, I am MORE than willing to help and get you started. As long as this looks like something you'd like to do, and you have patience, you'll have no trouble at all.

This'ill also be on NHQ as a copy/paste, as people IIRC can register there more easily, and we'll be able to get people involved a little more fluidly. If you're interested but haven't registered here yet AND been validated, realize it takes several months for that to happen. At NHQ, you'll be approved immediately, I think.

Link at NHQ: http://www.nerfhq.co...g97206#msg97206

Warrensburg, Mo Peoples

01 April 2009 - 01:50 AM

I'm putting this up to try to get some attention to some people I gave this site to at work...hopefully they see it.

This is to help coordinate said people, and anyone else who may be in 'Burg-area.

And yes, after a very long hiatus, I'm back...not sure yet in what real capacity.

If any of the vets or whatever care, I'll post up what's been going on and where I've been the past...what, three years?

Suffice to say: fencing, Taiwan and Japan: TWICE for FOUR months total, more diseases, Walmart, lots of moving, sleeping.

Bladder-repaired Wildfire

22 March 2006 - 08:15 PM

Hey all. So my Wildfire totally busted on me. The endcaps cracked and broke on both ends of the bladder. I picture them here.

Posted Image

So to fix them, I used pipe/tube fasteners at the ends of the bladder, keeping the old plugs in to keep in the pressure.

Posted Image Pipe/Tube fastener.

I plugged the air release with hot glue, since the cap at the end keeps the valve itself together. I put the plugs back in on both ends of the bladder, and then put on the fasteners around where the caps used to be.

Posted Image

I then put everything back in its place, making sure to remove the air restrictors from the turret assembly, which I had never done before.

Posted Image
Posted Image

I get a blistering 30 feet with it straight, and about 40 feet at an angle (about 35 degrees). Is the range really that sucky on everyone else's Wildfire?

Just thought I'd post my repair job for you guys to see; might come in handy for similar guns, like the RF20 or PowerClip. Let me know if you've had a similar problem, and thanks for any feedback. Sorry for the blurry pictures.